‚ÄčRoyton Roll of Honour

Edwin's name on the memorial at St.James' in Thornham.Courtesy of David Winterbottom

Edwin Hyde was born in Hyde in 1868. His parents were Thomas, a bricklayer, and Elizabeth. His siblings were William, Mary, Emma, Thomas & Joseph. The Hyde's moved around the area throughout Edwin's childhood - variously being in Hyde, Werneth, Hollinwood & possibly Dukinfield & Ashton-under-Lyne also. It was in Ashton that Edwin married Elizabeth Jane Sherlock on January 2nd 1898 at St.Michael's Church.
Edwin, who like his father and elder brother William, was a bricklayer then lived in Dukinfield, Hoylake in Cheshire and then Ashton. The couple had 6 children in total, unfortunately only 3 of those survived early childhood - Edwin, Kathleen and Victor. Edwin, Elizabeth and their children were in Ashton at the time of the 1911 census but by the outbreak of war were living in the Thornham area of Royton at 135 Castleton Road.
Edwin must have been an early enlistee to the army after the outbreak of war and in May 1915 found himself heading to Gallipoli. Royton man William Thomas Nelson has already been killed on the peninsula in mid May and unfortunately he wouldn't be the last local man to die there.
Edwin reached Gallipoli and his new unit the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers on June 2nd 1915 along with 17 officers and 506 other ranks from the new army. Another Royton man to join them that day was William Baguley. The 1st LF had suffered gravely during their landing at Gallipoli and had already lost over 650 men killed, missing and wounded. They had famously won 6 VC's before breakfast on April 25th when, whilst landing at W Beach, during the British amphibious landings at Cape Helles so many of them had been killed.
Just two days after Edwin's arrival he was to go over the top in what became known as the Third Battle of Krithia, along with the hundreds of other fresh green troops and what little remained of the old regular battalion. Once again the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers were to suffer massive casualties.
That morning saw a massive naval bombardment of the Turkish positions in front of Edwin and the rest of the 1st LF.At 11:20 the shelling stopped and the British, en-masse, poked their bayonets above the parapets as if they were about to launch their assault. This was a ruse to get the Turks out of their deep dugouts and back into their open trenches and ten minutes later the naval bombardment began again. 30 further minutes of the Turkish lines being pounded and then it really was time for Edwin and his comrades to go over the top. They had already suffered under a Turkish counter bombardment. They charged the Turkish lines with bayonets fixed straight into a hail of fire from only a hundred yards or so. Many men died the moment they climbed over the parapet with many more mown down in front of the Turkish wire. The attack was a complete failure and by nightfall the survivors were back in their original trenches under heavy fire.
One of those killed was Edwin Hyde, the other men (including seven others from the Oldham area) were:

ADDISON  JOHN Private 9328 born Scarborough,enlised Burnley                    
ALLCOCK ROBERT 35 Private 13608 from Manchester                    
ARIS GEORGE Private 3199 from London                    
ARNOLD THOMAS Private 4377 from London                    
ASHFORTH SAMUEL 35 Private 9323 from Birmingham                    
AUSTIN ALFRED 29 Serjeant 1231 from Ipswich                    
BAILEY THOMAS Private 3905 born Stockport,enlisted Bury                    
BANCROFT GEORGE    19 Private 4422    from Milnrow                    
BANKS SAMUEL Private 4538 born Leeds,enlisted Wigan                    
BANNISTER WILLIAM Private 8437 from Oldham                    
BANNON JOHN Private 4942 from Manchester                    
BARNES EDWARD Private 13703 from Longton,Staffs                    
BARNES W.G 21    Corporal 1592 from East Finchley                    
BARRETT EDWARD 40 Private 5461    from Birmingham                    
BARTLEY ARTHUR 26 Private 956 from Chester                    
BATES ERNEST 18   Private 4487 from St.Helens                    
BECKWITH HENRY 31 Private 9406    from Salford.Boer War Veteran                    
BENNETT    ALLAN Private 2891 from Manchester                    
BLACKBURN ERNEST 21 Private 4463 from Burnley                    
BONNEY FRANK Private 3760 born Newton-le-Willows                    
BRACE ALFRED 25    Lance Corporal 777 from London                    
BRADBURY GEORGE 34 Private 8103    from Manchester                    
BRASSENDALE HERBERT Private 2285 from Manchester                    
BUCKLEY    GEORGE    34 Private 6422    from Bury                    
BURNS WILLIAM 20 Private 4516 from Salford                     
BUTTERWORTH ROBERT Private 5573    from Manchester                    
BYFORD BENJAMIN Private 1449 from London                    
CARROLL  JOHN 31  Private  4414 from Manchester                    
CLAYTON  HAROLD  40 Captain Son of a Lt.Colonel.Born in India                    
COFFEY  FREDERICK Private 4277 from Hadfield                    
COLLIER  BENJAMIN Private 4898 from Manchester                    
CONROY THOMAS 38 Private 1237 Crawshawbooth, Lancs                    
COSGROVE HARRY 35 Private 5831 from Manchester                    
COSTELLO JOHN Private 2615 born Burnley,lived Barnsley                    
COX WILLIAM Serjeant 321 from Nottingham                    
CREGG PATRICK 40 Private 6416 from Burnley                    
CROOK CHARLES 41 Private 6368 from Salford                    
CUNLIFFE THOMAS 29 Captain from Manchester                    
CUNNANE  MICHAEL  Private 4107 from Bury                    
DALE JOSEPH 41 Private 8416 from Manchester                    
DARLINGTON FRANK Private 3462 born Poynton                    
DEAN JOHN Private 18232    from Burnley                    
DELANEY JAMES Private 3001 from Manchester                    
DIXON CHARLES Private 2714 born Levenshulme,enlisted Heywood                    
DOUGHTY  JOHN Private 7222 from Wolverhampton                    
DUNFORD  NORMAN Private 4375 from Freehold,Oldham                    
DUNN JAMES Private 3476    from Manchester                    
DUNN LAWRENCE 19 Private 4072 from Wigan                    
ECCLES ARTHUR Private 834 born Burnley                     
FORSTER  JOHN Private 5521 from Stoke-on-Trent                    
FOULDS NORMAN Private  4526 from Heywood                    
FRANCIS JOHN Private 1979 from Bermondsey                    
GALLAGHER MICHAEL 20 Private 3651 from Wigan                    
GARLICK JAMES Private 1497 from Oldham                    
GILBERT JAMES Private 9148 from Manchester                    
GLADMAN WILLIAM Private    3206 from London                    
GOODALL  GEORGE 32 Private 13274 from Manchester                    
GREGSON  THOMAS  20 Private 9551  from Blackpool                    
GRUNDY  ARTHUR  Private  8927 from Salford                    
GUTHRIE  HECTOR 22 Lieutenant from Stirling                    
GUY ALFRED Private 948 from Liverpool                    
HAMMOND THOMAS Private  13382 from Wigan                    
HANNAH  WILLIAM 46 Private 9887  born Lancaster,enlisted Garstang                    
HARLOW WILLIAM 21 Private 3633  from Wigan                     
HATTON  THOMAS 24 Private 2939  from Manchester                    
HEALEY    WILLIAM 24 Private 1581 from Manchester                    
HEFFERMAN J CSM  1061                        
HICKSON  WILLIAM  39 Private 5813 from Bury.Born in India.Boer War Veteran                    
HIGGINS MARTIN  Private  555 from Co.Mayo                    
HORROCKS JOHN 42 Lance Corporal 4778 from Oldham                    
HORWOOD  JOHN 25  Private 1135 from Islington                    
HOWDEN EDWARD Private 1098 from London,lived Huddersfield                    
HUGHES CHARLES 20 Private 4443 from Salford                    
HUGHES JAMES Private 3093 from Wigan                    
HUGHES THOMAS Private 4744 from Manchester                    
HUMPHREYS WILLIAM Private 5540 from Manchester                    
HYNES JOHN Private 5246 from Blackburn                    
IRWIN WILLIAM Private 4382 from Liverpool                    
JACKSON  CHARLES  Private 3155 from Manchester                    
JACKSON  HARRY Private 1843 from Manchester                    
JOHNSON JOHN Private 1877 from Salford                    
JOHNSON PETER 46 Private 6644 from Wigan                    
JOHNSTON WILLIAM Private 4892 born Burnley                    
JONES JOHN Private 107 from West Bromwich                    
JONES LEONARD Private 3487 born St.Helens                    
KINNEAR THOMAS Private 5185 born India.Enlisted Manchester                    
KITSON JOHN 21 Private 4390 from Chadderton                    
LANCASHIRE JOHN 45 Private 4839  from Salford                    
LEACH JOHN 34 Private 6643 from Bolton                    
LEAKE ERIC 19 Lieutenant son of a Colonel.From London                    
LEECH GEORGE Private 6255 from Miles Platting,Manchester                    
LEVER HAROLD 30 Private  438 (Served as Davies) from Flixton, Manchester                    
LEWIS THOMAS 35 Private  4935 from Manchester.Boer War veteran                    
LOMAX PERCY Private 3692 from Bury                    
LUCKETT  PERCY Private 2071 from London                    
LUNN JOHN Private 6854 from Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester                    
LYNCH CHARLES 35 Private 5423 from Manchester                    
LYONS GEORGE Private 6280 from Bolton                    
MADDEN JAMES 45  Private 13334 born Limavady,Ulster.lived in Alloa                    
MADIGAN  JAMES Private 9866 from Manchester                    
MARSDEN HARRY 26 Private 1295 from Bolton                    
MARTIN JAMES Private 19044 from Oldham                    
MASSEY ARTHUR Private 5594 from Darwen                    
McDERMOTT MARTIN 34 Private 4250 from Bolton.Boer War veteran                    
McDONALD HENRY  Private 7675 from Wigan                    
McKEE JOHN 47 Private 6546 from Salford                    
MELIA ROBERT 32 CSM 64from Derker, Oldham.Mentioned in Despatches                    
MILLER WILLIAM Lance Corporal    4480 from Rawtenstall                    
MILLS HAROLD Lance Corporal 994    from Birmingham                    
MILLS JOHN 26 Private 670 from Manchester                    
MITCHELL MICHAEL Private 7969 from Co.Mayo                    
MURPHY JOHN Private 4561 from Heywood                    
NELSON JOHN Private 6372 from Salford                    
NEWBY FREDERICK 23 Private 1796    born Devon,enlisted London.Mentioned in Despatches                    
OAKLEY THOMAS Private 13975 born Dudley,enlisted Salford                    
O'DAY JAMES 38 Private 8110 from Rochdale                    
ODHAMS FREDERICK 29 Private 1534 from London                    
ORME JOHN 20 Private 6338 from Preston                    
OVERTON  ALFRED 35 Lance Corporal 12690 from London                    
PARKER JAMES 41 Private 18206 from Wigan.Veteran of the Boer War                    
PARKIN CHARLES Private 5584 from Salford                    
PHILLIPS CHARLES Private 1725 from London                    
PLATT SAMUEL Private 5537 from Manchester                    
PLEASANCE ARTHUR 27 Private 1039 from Cambridge                    
POTTER THOMAS 27 Private 1152 from Ipswich                    
REDDY GEORGE Private 6076 from Bury                    
REDMOND  JOHN Private 4489 born Patricroft                    
ROTHERAY WRIGHT 35 Private 3783  from Bradford                    
SCOGGINS HERBERT 30 Private 2856 from Ipswich                    
SCOTT JAMES 32 Private 8762 from Bolton                    
SHAW HAROLD 39 Major from Buxton                    
SHELLEY  JOHN Private 13128 from Stone,Staffs                    
SHELLEY  JOSEPH  Private  4615 from Burton-on-Trent                    
SMITH HARRY 26 Private 1381 (served as Fisher)from Altrincham                    
SNAITH JOSEPH 20 Lance Corporal  2759 from Kendal                    
SNALAM THOMAS  Private  729 from Wigan                    
STILES WALTER 21 Private 2675 from London                    
STOCKTON ARTHUR  Private  1201 from Stone,Staffs                    
STOTT WALTER 34 Private 7910 from Hyde                    
SUTCLIFFE WILLIAM 36 Private 4583 born Hebden Bridge                    
TABNER ALFRED Private 5436 born Thirsk,enlisted Manchester                    
TALBOT AINSLIE 28 Captain son of a Colonel.From Co.Tipperary                    
TAYLOR HARRY C.S.M 5796 born Ashton.Lived Netherton                    
TAYLOR OWEN 22 Private 3566 from Manchester                    
THOMAS WALTER 19 Private 13125 from Rochdale                    
THOMSON  WILLIAM  29 Private 3022 from Rawtenstall                    
TILL WILLIAM 40  Private  12210 from Sheffield                    
TOOTILL  JAMES Private 9195 from Bury                    
VORES GEOFFREY 22 2nd.Lt from Norwich                    
WALMSLEY GEORGE Private  5990 from Bury                    
WARREN WILLIAM Private 12245 from Astley,Lancs                    
AWESTWOOD WILLIAM Private 13277 from Burnley                    
WHITE THOMAS Private 2593 from Manchester                    
WHITTAKER WILLIAM Private 13859    enlisted Bury                    
WILKIN    FREDERICK Private 6127 from Cambridge                    
WILLIAMS JOHN 32 Private 10902 from Netherfield                    
WOOLF JOSEPH 18 Private  9763 from Bristol                    
WORRALL JOSEPH  26 Private 1604 from Stoke-on-Trent                    
YOUNG JOSEPH 37  Private 9403 from Ashton-under-Lyne

From the c.830 men in the battalion that morning there were only 300 or so left by June 5th. The remainder were dead, missing or wounded.
Three other Royton men died with the Oldham Territorials (1st/10th Manchesters) nearby that day in the same attack - John Fitton , James Shaw and Frank Smith and another with the Rochdale Territorials (1st/6th Lancashire Fusiliers) - James Mudd.

Date of Death:04/06/1915
Service No:6140
Regiment:Lancashire Fusiliers
Unit:1st Bn.
Helles Memorial
Panel Ref:Panel 66A