Royton Roll of Honour

Date of Death:01/07/1916
Service No:12041
Regiment:Border Regiment
Unit:1st Bn.
Thiepval Memorial
Panel Ref:Pier&Face 6A&7C.

Fred Grisdale was born in the Mumps area of Oldham in 1892. His parents were Edward, a clogger, and Remaliah.Edward was originally from Bolton whilst Remaliah was a native of Oldham. Fred was the eldest of their six children, the others being Annie, John (see his entry here), Eleanor, Remaliah & Edward. At the time of the 1901 census they wree at 355 Ashton Road in the town and by 1911 had moved to Baron Street in Glodwick. Fred's mother died in 1912 at the age of 46 & sister Annie in early 1914 at the age of 19.
It's unclear as to where Fred was living when he enlisted in Oldham in late August 1914. It seems most likely he was still in Oldham although his father Edward had moved to Burnley Lane in Chadderton at some point between 1914 and Fred's death. At the point of enlisting Fred was working in the moulding department at Platt Brothers - the world's largest manufacturers of machinery for the cotton industry and Oldham's largest employer.
Upon enlisting he was allocated to the Border Regiment and sent up to the Regimental HQ in Carlisle. From there to the 3rd Battalion, a depot/training unit then stationed at Shoeburyness in Essex. After two months he was sent to the 10th Battalion who were in nearby Southend and from April 1915 in Billericay. On 26th July 1915 he was transferred to the 1st Battalion, who had been at Gallipoli since April, and sent out to the Mediterranean as part of a draft of new men. Fred reached Gallipoli himself on August 11th.
The 1st Borders most notable action at Gallipoli after Fred's arrival with them was on August 21st. They were in a support role to an attack by the 1st King's Own Scottish Borderers and the 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. As the attack faltered the Borders were soon embroiled in the thick of things and before disengaging the following day had lost over 350 men. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records 101 men of the 1st Battalion being killed and the war diary indicates 14 officers and 274 other ranks were wounded. Fred was wounded at Gallipoli, it's not known exactly when but there's a very good chance it was during this fighting.
The 1st Battalion evactuated Gallipoli on the night of January 8th/9th 1916. From there they went first for a short spell to Mudros before heading to Alexandria. They then entrained for Suez where they settled down to a steady regime of training and reorganisation - receiving a draft of 343 NCO's and men. On March 12th they headed back to Alexandria before boarding the transport Marilda bound for Marseille. From there they were sent towards the front, based in Amplier for a while many of the battalion received leave back home to Britain but Fred was not amongst their number.
From April through to June the battalion was in the Acheux district, in and out of the front line.The first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1st 1916, was to see the 1st Borders allocated the role of one of the attacking infantry battalions. The unit's war diary chronicles the carnage quite sparsely:

"the Battalion, less 10 per cent, advanced just S. of Beaumont Hamel, it's objective being Behucourt Redoubt. The 2nd South Wales Borderers, whose objective was the first two German lines, were wiped out by machine-gun fire in our own wire. The 1st Battalion Border Regiment then went "over the top" from the support line and over the British first line, but the passage over the front trench having been ranged by the German machine gunners the day previously, the 1st Border Regiment met with heavy loss while crossing this trench and passing through the gaps in the wire. The men were magnificently steady, forming up outside the wire according to orders, then, inclining to the right, advanced as directed at a slow walk into No Man's Land. The advance was continued until only little groups of some half-dozen men were left here and there, and at last these, seeing no reinforcements in sight, took cover in shell holes wherever they found them"

By 8am, the advance had come to a standstill and it was clear the assault had utterly failed. That morning the 1st Borders had gone into action with 23 officers and 809 other ranks. The tally of killed, wounded and missing from those 832 was 639.
Of that 639, the CWGC has 201 as having been killed that day. Fred Grisdale was one of them. One of the South Wales Borderers killed in the wave ahead of Fred Grisdale and his battalion was Royton man Harry Watkin.
At the time of Fred's death his father Edward was the foreman in the boot & shoe repair section of the Royton Co-Operative Society. Not long after that he had moved to 39 High Barn Street in Royton. Although Fred possibly never lived in Royton that is why he appears on the town's war memorial. Years later the name of brother John would join his there.Fred Grisdale also appears on the Oldham War Memorial. In his will, Fred left everything to his father - the amount £458 being quite considerable for a young Oldham man of that time (perhaps £40,000 in 2014 money). Edward Grisdale died in 1928 aged 62 and was buried at Greenacres Cemetery in Oldham in the grave of his wife and daughter Annie. Fred's sister Remaliah, who died in 1943 aged 40 whilst living at High Barn Road, is also now buried there.
The 200 who died alongside Fred that day were:

ALLEN GEORGE  Private 23044                
ALLEN JOHN Corporal 18858                
ANDERSON JAMES 45 Private 22844    from Surrey            
ASPEY LEONARD Private 22604                
ASPINALL GEORGE Corporal 18217                
AYLING  HARDY 23 Lance Corporal   22764 from London            
BALL GEORGE 28 Lance Corporal 9172 from Bromley            
BARDELL  JOHN Private 22851                
BARLOW HANDEL 21 Private 21665 from Manchester            
BARLOW J Private 17695                
BARNES  WS Private 20600 from Co.Durham            
BARRON ROBERT Private 13035                
BAXENDINE JY 22  2nd Lt. from Edinburgh            
BELL JOHN Private 18303                
BENTLEY  HERBERT  Private  19045                
BEVES TREVOR 25 Captain  from Brighton.Miltary Cross        
BIGRIGG  JONATHAN 34 Private 20202 from Cockermouth            
BLAKELEY BERTRAM Private 6169                
BLOOR GEORGE 22 Lance Corporal 22907 from Newcastle-under-Lyme        
BONE NORMAN Private 22739                
BOWERS JOHN 23 Private 10350 from Scunthorpe            
BOYDELL  JAMES Private 18888                
BRADSHAW JAMES  Private  18242                
BROWN EDGAR 22 Private 22747 from London            
BUCK ALBERT 28 Private  8132 from Abingdon            
BURCHELL THOMAS Private  22910                
BURNS WILLIAM Private 6205                
BURTON WILLIAM 34 Private 5586  from Co.Durham            
BUTCHER WILLIAM Private  22564                
CANFIELD O Private 10946                
CARPENTER WILLIAM 32 Private 22904 from London            
CAWLEY J Private 18593                
CHERRY H Private 22852                
CHEVERTON WILLIAM Private G/22652                
CHILDS HENRY Lance Corporal 9138                
CHOLMELEY HARRY 23 Lieutenant from London.Brother also killed WW1            
CLARKE HERBERT  Private  22776                
CLARKE JL 24 Private 22974 from London            
CLUCAS THOMAS Private 18890                
COLLINSON FRANK  19 Lance Corporal 22977 from Yorkshire            
COOK JOHN  Private 18402                
COOK R  Private 23051                
CORFIELD THOMAS  Private 11715                
COTTAM  W 32 Serjeant 20593(SERVED AS D.KIRKCALDY)            
CREED CHARLES Private 22647                
CRONSHAW ALBERT  Private 18243                
CROSS FREDERICK Private 22321 from Blackburn            
CROSSMAN GEORGE Lance Corporal    7797                
CUDBY FREDERICK Private  19757                
CUNLIFFE JOHN Private 20391                
DAWSON GEORGE Private 16604                
DAY JOSEPH  21 Lance Corporal 10262 from London            
DAY JOHN Private 9650                
DEEMING  G Private 22516                
DEGNAN F Private 11582                
DIXON RICHARD Private 14428                
DUDMAN THOMAS Private 22759                
EDWARDS   WILLIAM Private  20526                
ELVY REGINALD CSM 9563                
ENTWISTLE WALTER Serjeant 19321 from Bolton            
FARLEY CHARLES 30 Corporal 9064 from Wigan            
FARR ROBERT 19 Lance Corporal 20525 from London            
FAULKNER ALBERT Private 8809                
FIELDING FRED Private 20234                
FINLEY JOSEPH Lance Corporal 4130                
FINN MICHAEL Private 18897                
FITTON THOMAS Private 11307                
FITZSIMMONS JOHN Serjeant 5673                
FLAHERTY JOHN 26 Private 21537 from Manchester            
FRASER ARTHUR 39 Second Lieutenant DSO            
FRENCH JAMES Private 22591                
FRY HAROLD 34 Private 22813 from London            
FULTON SAMUEL Private 19160                
GARDNER  HENRY Private 22703                
GERRISH  WILLIAM Lance Corporal  22700                
GILLESPIE GEORGE 40 Private 11905 from Manchester            
GLEESON  HERBERT Private 4693                
GODFREY  SIDNEY Private 22985                
GRANGER EDWARD Lance Corporal 9996                
GRAY JOHN Private 10025                
GREAVES  JAMES Private 22560                
GREAVES  ROBERT Private  5056                
GREEN Private 19152                
GRESTY FRED Private 15959                
GRISEDALE THOMPSON 28 Lance Corporal 20397 from Workington        
GUY ALFRED 17 Private 20177 from Lancaster            
HALEWOOD GEORGE Private 19280                
HALL FRED 21 Private 17679 from Newton Heath            
HARRUP HENRY Private 10115                
HASLAM WILLIAM Private 6959                
HAWKINS WILLIAM Private  22313                
HAWORTH F Private 20603                
HEATH ME Private 9512 from London            
HEWSON JAMES Private 22869                
HIETT FREDERICK  Private 10135                
HILLER FRANK 22  Private 22751                 
HILTON G Private 19405                
HODSON JAMES Private 20502                
HOLDER ERNEST Private 22992                
HOLLAND  JOHN Private 6065                
HOYLE HARRY Private 17976                
HOYLE J  24 Private 21852 from Blackburn            
HURST WILFRED Private 19736                
HUTTON ANDREW 34 Lance Corporal  18248 from Bolton            
JACKSON GEORGE 27 Corporal 7962 from Felixstowe            
JACKSON  JOHN Private 9393                
JACKSON  LANCELOT 2nd Lt.                    
JESSUP FRANCIS 29 Captain                     
JOHNSON  FRANK Private 22587                
JOYCE JOHN Private 20388                
KEENAN JOHN Private 19172                
KEMP VICTOR Private 22643                
KERSHAW  PERCY 24 Serjeant 10358 from Smithy Bridge, Rochdale        
KETTLEWELL JW Private 9234                
KIDD ALEXANDER Private  9982                
KING CHRISTOPHER 23 Lance Corporal 20609 from Essex            
KING WILLIAM 27 Private 22707 from London            
KIRKBRIDE TOM 36 Private 19974 from Maryport            
KITTLE EDWARD Private 22809                
LAKE W Private 8435                
LANGTON  JOHN Private 12000                
LASKEY ALBERT Lance Corporal 22997                
LEE JOHN Private 6400                
LEES ROBERT Private 8834                
LEMON I  Lance Corporal 22698                
LITTLE J Private 4977                
LIVESEY  HARRY  Private 18250                
LOWE J Private 19134                
MAJOR SAMUEL 18  Private  18986 from Wigan            
MARRINER HENRY 36 Private 18464 from Co.Durham            
MARSDEN H Private 6172 from Manchester            
McCLUSKEY A Private 22594 from London            
McHALE JOHN Private 5909                
McMULLEN JOHN Private 10996                
MEALING LAURIE 25 Serjeant 20589 from Harwich            
MELLOR W Private 5091                
MILLER W Private 17725                
MILLS HARRY 20 Private 22943 from London            
MOFFAT ROBERT 21 Private 11351 from Cumberland            
MOUND JA Private 18767                
MULRANEY P Private 11885                
MURRAY R Private 12573                
MURRAY W Private 5905                
NELSON JAMES Private 20403                
NORMAN TIMPERON  Lance Corporal 10496                
O'HARE PATRICK Private 9847                
OWEN F Lance Corporal 22921                
PHELPS JAMES Private 22798                
PILKINGTON FW 28 Serjeant 8173                 
POWE J Private  19093                
PRATT W  26 Private 14477 from Keswick            
PRESTON  J Corporal 9491                
PRICE JOHN 20 Private 19371 from Co.Durham            
READ ALFRED 27 Private 8807 from London            
REID WILLIAM Private 9492                
RETTIE WILLIAM 24 2nd Lt.from Dundee            
RICHARDSON THOMAS 29 Private 18873 from Manchester            
RICKMAN  SIDNEY 19 Private 20501  from London            
ROYLE GEORGE Private 20772                
SANDERSON WALTER 35 2nd Lt.from Penrith            
SANDS ALFRED Private 22817                
SCOTT THOMAS 28  Private 8594 from Gateshead            
SHERWIN  THOMAS Lance Corporal 11921                
SKILTON CE Lance Corporal 22714                
SLACK SAMUEL 35 Private  19070 from Manchester            
SMITH ARTHUR 29  Private 22734 from Buckinghamshire            
SMITH CHARLES 23 Serjeant 22923  from London            
SPARKE THOMAS 18 Private 22287 from Co.Durham            
SPENCE THOMAS 19 Private 21728  from Carlisle            
SPENCER  JOSEPH 30 Private 9290 from Co.Durham            
STAINTON JAMES 31 Lance Corporal 19721  from Kendal            
STARMER  A Private 22953                
STEELE JT Private 20131                
STOKES VG 19 Private 23008 from Surrey            
STOREY ALEXANDER Private 4673                
SWINBURNE CH Private 11357                
SWINBURNE THOMAS Private 22343                
SWINGLER ALBERT  Private 4956                
TALBOT R Private 10083                
TAYLOR FRED 21 Private 21862 from Preston            
TEASDALE THOMAS 20 Private 22045 from Kendal            
THORNTON W 29 Private 7931 from London            
TOWNLEY  WILLIAM  23 Corporal 9494 from Sheffield.DCM            
TUBMAN JOHN 22 Private 4974 from Whitehaven            
VINCENT OG Private 22638                
WALKER GEORGE Private 8929                
WALKER JOHN Private 19003                
WARD AH Serjeant 5848                
WARD WILLIAM 21 Private 5082 from Manchester            
WARING WILLIAM Private 19150                
WELLS JOHN 28 Private 21792 from Kendal            
WHELAN J Private 19234                
WHITE JOHN Private 18931                
WHITTLE ALFRED   Private  19749                
WILLIAMS HARRY 34 Private 9756                 
WILSON NIEL Corporal 10451 from Liverpool            
WINSTANLEY JOHN  Private  19151                
YEOWARD  W Private 19987                
YOUNG STUART 23  Private  22092 from Scotland            
YOUNGER  ROBERT Serjeant 10380