ABBOTT KENNETH ROY 20 Telegraphist D/WRX 772 from Blackpool        
ACHESON NORMAN 19 Able Seaman D/JX 150153 from Co.Offaly        
AGAR WILLIAM Leading Stoker D/K 20334         
ALDRED WALTER 32 Leading Stoker C/K67162         
ALFORD WILLIAM HERBERT 32 Able Seaman D/J 114371 from Pontypridd      
ANDREW ALEXANDER 44  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 20887       
ANSTIS IVOR LLEWELLYN 18 Signalman D/JX 15052         
AYRES ROYSTON GEORGE JOHN 25 Leading Supply Assistant P/MX 50676 from Hampshire        
BAILEY CLIFFORD WILLIAM WOLFE 25 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class D/MX 51188 from Cornwall        
BAINES GEORGE WILLIAM 50 Chief StokerD/K 1758  from Essex      
BAKER CHARLES HENRY 23  Able Seaman D/JX 137547         
BAKER EDWARD ISAAC 40  Chief Air Artificer FAA/F. 55030   from Walthamstow        
BAKER ERNEST WILLIAM 39  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 25073 from Gloucestershire      
BAKER GEORGE ARTHUR 44  Able Seaman D/J 14491 from Torquay        
BALL ARTHUR 48  Leading Stoker D/K 17194 from Derby        
BANBURY WILLIAM HENRY 50 Stoker 1st Class D/K 8806       
BANFIELD DENNIS SAMUEL 19  Aircraftman 2nd Class 612800        
BARKER HORACE  Signalman D/J 55340         
BARRETT FREDERICK KIMBER 23 Air Mechanic FAA/FX. 76846 from Middlesex       
BARRY JOHN JAMES 29 Chief Engine Room Artificer D/MX 45257 from Plymouth       
BARTLETT THOMAS EDWARD 23 Cook D/MX 55814 from Plymouth        
BASHFORD HENRY EDWARD 37 Flight Sergeant 347235 from Croydon       
BASKERVILLE WALTER PHILLIP Stoker 1st Class D/K 16434         
BASSETT REGINALD ALFRED CHARLES 19 Able Seaman D/JX 143966 from Plymouth       
BATH EDWARD JOHN LESLIE Aircraftman 2nd Class 612129 from Somerset       
BATT ROBERT Stoker 1st Class D/K 20526 from Somerset        
BEALE THOMAS JAMES 55 Petty Officer Stoker D/K 20207 from Cornwall       
BEAN DESMOND CHARLES Leading Writer D/MX 53515         
BEER NORRIS HENRY  Petty Officer Stoker D/KX 88563 from Torquay        
BEER REGINALD ERNEST 39 Able Seaman D/J 48475         
BEEVER GEORGE HARRY 35 Painter 1st Class D/MX 47077 from Cornwall        
BENNETT GORDON WILLIAM Able Seaman D/JX 131455         
BENNETT WALTER VINCENT 41 Petty Officer D/J 32781 from Devon       
BICKHAM SAMUEL MOIST 51 Chief StokerD/311556  from Devon       
BIDDINGTON HAROLD ERNEST 39 Shipwright D/M 6469 from Plymouth       
BIRNIE ALEXANDER 42 Able Seaman D/J 28573 from Devonport      
BISHOP EDWARD GEORGE 20 Canteen Assistant from Gosport         
BLACKMAN FREDERICK ERNEST 32 Warrant Engineer from Hampshire          
BLENKIN JOSEPH ALEXANDER  Stoker 1st Class D/K 23932         
BOLT ALBERT JAMES 52 Able Seaman D/J 22114        
BOLT CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM JAMES 31 Stoker 1st Class D/KX 76520 from Devon      
BOND SAMUEL 42 Able Seaman D/J 32415 from Liverpool        
BORLACE SAMUEL JOHN 41  Able Seaman D/J 34511  from St.Austell        
BOSWORTH CHARLES HOMER 51 Mentioned in Despatches Flight Sergeant 237295 from Wiltshire        
BOWDEN ALBERT VICTOR 42 Mentioned in Despatches Chief Electrical Artificer D/M 35928  from Barnstaple        
BOWHAY WILLIAM FREDERICK 46  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89793 from Plymouth        
BOX ARTHUR THOMAS 46  Able Seaman D/J 5554   from Gloucestershire       
BRABYN CHARLES 49  Shipwright 2nd Class D/M 7215  from Truro       
BRADY LEO JOHN   Chief Electrical Artificer D/M 2804         
BRAY WILLIAM HAROLD 19  Steward D/LX 32619 from Cornwall        
BRENNAN JAMES   Stoker 1st Class D/311890         
BREWERTON ELIJAH WILLIAM BRIGGS 25  Aircraftman 1st Class 524430 from Yorkshire       
BRIGGS ROBERT   Stoker 2nd Class D/MX 55907         
BRIGHT THOMAS 39  Stoker 1st Class D/K 57388 from Cornwall       
BROOKS CHARLES LEVERSON 51  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/M 3011 from Swindon        
BROOKS HENRY THOMAS 45  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/M 12701 from Cobh,Co.Cork        
BROWN ALFRED HENRY 23  Aircraftman 2nd Class 610076 from Gateshead       
BROWN JAMES   Able Seaman D/JX 144169         
BROWN JOHN 42  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 23933  from Weymouth      
BROWN LEONARD 50  Mechanician D/311561  from Bristol        
BROWN WILLIAM ARTHUR 38  Leading Seaman D/J 86575 from Shropshire        
BROWN WILLIAM JOHN   Petty Officer Stoker D/K 20880 from Bristol       
BRUNT JOSEPH PATRICK 22  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 87719 from Waterford       
BRYANT GORDON HENRY 24  Corporal 536957 from Cornwall       
BUCKINGHAM ERNEST JAMES 19  Cook (S) D/MX 36792         
BUCKLEY DANIEL JOSEPH   Stoker 1st Class D/K 1574         
BUNT SAMUEL JAMES 46  Cook (S) D/M 4411 from Plymouth       
BURLEY CEDRIC LEWIS   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 93034 from Cornwall        
BURRELL LANCELOT SIDNEY 34  Able Seaman D/JX 161947 from Nottingham        
BYRNE DOUGLAS JOHN 19  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 76099  from Liverpool        
BYRNE REGINALD JAMES WILLIAM 19  Naval Airman 1st Class FAA/FX. 77487 from Tring       
CAMERON JAMES 49  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/M 51872  from Lyme Regis        
CAMPBELL CHARLES 39  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 62032  from Devonport        
CANNONS ERNEST GEORGE 21  Able Seaman P/JX 141504 from Winchester      
CANTILLON JOHN JOSEPH 45  Able Seaman D/J 11105 from Worcestershire      
CANTY LEONARD WILLIAM 24  Leading Steward P/LX 21508        
CARDEW PHILIP HENRY 31  Lieut-Commander  from Hampshire       
CAREY PATRICK   Stoker 1st Class D/K 59732         
CARLISLE GODFREY IAN 21  Leading Supply Assistant D/MX 54657 from Dorset        
CARPENTER ALFRED BERTRAM 27  Leading Stoker D/KX 80649 from Hampshire        
CARPENTER FRANK STANLEY 43  Able Seaman D/J 25613 from Gloucestershire       
CARSON CHARLES 21  Able Seaman D/X 19553A from Liverpool       
CARTER ARTHUR 23  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89670 from Co.Down       
CARTWRIGHT JAMES 25  Leading Stoker D/KX 82206 from Co.Antrim        
CAVE RALPH   Stoker 1st Class D/MX 90135         
CHAMBERLAIN WILLIAM ERNEST 51  Chief Stoker D/310522  from Bristol        
CHAMPION JOHN JAMES   Cook (S) D/M 11880         
CHEEVERS PATRICK 19  Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 96606 from Co.Wexford        
CHINN CYRIL ERNEST 22  Able Seaman D/JX 137049 from Devon       
CLARKE ALFRED SAMUEL 50  Chief Stoker D/K 159 from Dorset        
CLARKE WILLIAM 50  Chief Stoker D/K 14636        
CLAY HARRY 26  Electrical Artificer 4th Class D/MX 56576 from Bristol        
COAKER ERNEST ALBERT   Chief Sailmaker D/226863         
COATES JOSEPH JOHN 39  Able Seaman P/J 39773         
COFFIN FRANK HARRY   Leading Stoker D/K 57066         
COKER JOHN 42  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 18790  from Warwickshire       
COLE CLIFFORD CHARLES 22  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89927 from Somerset      
COLEGATE EDWARD GEORGE 39  Leading Stoker D/K 62796  from Devon       
COLLINGE WALTER 38  Stoker 1st Class D/K 55357  from Stockport        
COLLINS TOM 23  Aircraftman 1st Class 541835 from Yorkshire      
COLLINS WILLIAM 47  Stoker 1st Class D/K 23082  from Dublin        
COLLINSON JOHN EDWARD   Able Seaman D/JX 150431         
COMASKEY DOUGLAS WEIR 43  Petty Officer FAA/FX. 76115         
COMER WILLIAM 42  Able Seaman D/J 21441  from Bolton        
CONNAWAY THOMAS   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 78263         
CONNOLLY EDWARD 52  Able Seaman D/227630   from Co.Cork        
CONNOLLY RICHARD JAMES ANDREW 20  Air Mechanic FAA/FX. 76849  from Pontypridd        
COOK WALTER LOUIS 34  Leading Stoker D/K 60699  from Worcestershire       
COOKE ALBERT EDWIN   Petty Officer Stoker D/K 40539         
COOKE WILLIAM JORDAN 27  Able Seaman D/SSX 13584 from Co.Down       
COOMBE FREDERICK   Marine PLY/18139         
COOPER CHARLES 37  Leading Seaman D/X 9952B from Hamilton      
COOPER JAMES 20  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89596 from Yorkshire       
COOPER ROBERT TYSACK 48  Chief Stoker D/312204  from Middlesex       
COOPER SIDNEY GEORGE THOMAS   Cook (S) P/MX 54570         
COPLEY WALTER HENRY 36  Canteen Manager from Plymouth        
CORBIN WILSON JOHN 45  Stoker 1st Class D/K 20465 from Plymouth       
CORNELIUS PHILIP STANLEY POPHAM 26  Joiner 4th Class D/MX 59467 from Devonport        
CORNISH EDWIN TREHANE 19  Supply Assistant D/MX 59647 from Cornwall        
CORNISH GEORGE EDWARD   Marine PLY/X 15992 from Devon       
COX RONALD HECTOR 26  Leading Steward D/LX 21385 from Somerset       
CRANG WILLIAM JOHN 50  Mechanician D/311870   from Devon        
CRELLIN GEORGE   Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 96609        
CROSS GEORGE 31  Seaman D/X 8075C  from Nottinghamshire        
CURTIS THOMAS 46  Stoker 1st Class D/K 19220          
CURTLER FREDERICK ARTHUR 48  Chief Electrical Artificer D/M 4844  from Falmouth        
DANIELS FRANK AUGUSTUS 42  Stoker 1st Class D/K 26811  from Dorset        
DARK SAMUEL THOMAS 46  Petty Officer D/J 6562  from Essex       
DAVEY WILFRED 40  Able Seaman D/J 74378  from Hull       
DAVIES FREDERICK GERALD 26  Leading Stoker D/KX 80852 from Worcestershire       
DAVIES GEORGE EDWIN CHARLES   Electrical Artificer D/M 1049  from Devon      
DAVIES HENRY WILLIAM 32  Petty Officer FAA/F. 55017         
DAVIES RICHARD OWEN 40  Chief Petty Officer Sick Berth D/M 36749 from Plymouth       
DE-ASHA JOSEPH MATTHEW 20  Seaman D/X 20652         
DELAHAYE EDWARD LLOYD 29  Petty Officer D/JX 128345 from Monmouthshire       
DELANEY ROBERT 46  Stoker 1st Class D/K 11002  from Liverpool       
DELDAY JOHN LIDDLE 43  Stoker 1st Class D/K 64390  from Stromness        
DEVONPORT JOHN HENRY 19  Able Seaman D/SSX 21140 from Liverpool       
DEWING CHARLES JAMES 40  Able Seaman D/J 31690         
DICKSON JOHN GEORGE   Able Seaman D/J 99837         
DICKSON PETER 21  Able Seaman D/SSX 19396 from Liverpool        
DIXON HORACE REGINALD 33  Telegraphist D/WRX 286  from Fleetwood        
DIXON JOHN GEORGE 24  Aircraftman 1st Class 536591 from Sunderland     
DODGSON MATTHEW 23  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 75198 from Newcastle       
DONOVAN ARTHUR 53  Electrical Artificer D/347673   from Cornwall        
DRAKE STANLEY FRANCIS 39  Chief Petty Officer Writer D/M 35154 from Devonport        
DROMGOOLE JOHN L.   Leading Seaman D/J 26195         
DUGE PAUL EDGAR 23  Aircraftman 1st Class 526689 from Norwich        
DUGGAN PATRICK   Stoker 1st Class D/K 65027         
DULLAM ERNEST INGLEFIELD 45  Able Seaman D/J 7255  from Neasden       
DYER WILLIAM ELIAS 44  Able Seaman D/J 20064         
EACOTT GEORGE 47  Stoker 1st Class D/K 16489         
EDWARDS ALBERT FREDERICK 35  Seaman D/5818D from Kings Lynn        
ELLIS ALAN 28  Sick Berth Attendant D/SBR/X 6988  from Brierfield,Lancs      
ERRINGTON ALFRED 48  Stoker 1st Class D/K 6264  from Saltash        
ESCRITT ANTHONY 25  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 88133 from Middlesbrough        
ETRIDGE LESLIE STUART 25  Musician RMB/X 326  from Wanstead       
EVANS ARTHUR EDGAR 22  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class D/MX 59463 from Barry       
EVANS MAURICE   Ordinary Signalman D/BD/X 1652         
FEHILY THOMAS JOSEPH 21  Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 96612 from Bray,Co.Wicklow       
FERGUSON ALEXANDER 22  Signalman D/MD/X 2202 from Bootle       
FERVE LLOYD PERCIVAL HUNNISETTE 21  Aircraftman 1st Class 566787        
FINLAYSON ALEX 20  Seaman P/X 20536A from Stornoway        
FISHER GLYNDWYR VINCENT 22  Aircraftman 1st Class 526592 from Berkshire       
FLETCHER AUSTIN RUSHWORTH 24  Marine PLY/X 708 from Hyde       
FLETCHER DUDLEY JOHN 20  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 90914 from Leominster       
FLETCHER JAMES 24  Leading Stoker D/KX 83166 from Kirkcudbrightshire        
FORD EDWARD JOHN 21  Aircraftman 2nd Class 533421        
FRIEND LEONARD HENRY 23  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 85009 from Cornwall        
FROOD FREDERICK 50  Leading Cook (S) D/M 8451 from Plymouth       
GIBBENS WILLIAM RICHARD 38  Able Seaman D/J 48346  from Newquay       
GIBBINGS ARCHIBALD HARRY 42  Chief Petty Officer Cook (S) D/M 7381  from Devon       
GIBBINS SYDNEY JOHN 26  Aircraftman 1st Class 521400        
GIBBON FRANCIS WILLIAM 18  Ordinary Seaman D/SSX 27254 from Hull        
GILBERT BRANWELL MER 44  Petty Officer Cook (O) D/L 13878 from Warwickshire        
GILES WILLIAM THOMAS 39  Able Seaman D/J 41483 from Somerset        
GILLEN HENRY 44  Engine Room Artificer 5th Class D/38EE         
GLANVILLE ERNEST HENRY 44  Stoker 1st Class D/K 59467 from Cornwall
GLOVER ERNEST 40  Able Seaman D/J41752 from Cobh,Co.Cork       
GODFREY GEORGE REGINALD   Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/379EC         
GOODYEAR THOMAS HAMBLETON 28  Seaman D/X 10745 from Liverpool        
GRACE JOSEPH   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89771         
GRANT GEORGE HENRY 50  Stoker 1st Class D/K 6102 from Devon       
GRANVILLE ALBERT VICTOR JAMES 44  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 17284 from Taunton        
GRAY ARTHUR STANLEY 32  Marine PLY/22469 from Plymouth        
GREEN FRANK 39  Leading Signalman D/J 43364  from Liverpool       
GREEN RONALD 20  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 76091         
GREENLEAF HOWARD HENRY SIDNEY   Marine PLY/X 649  from Plymouth        
GREGORY JOHN 19  Telegraphist P/WRX 400  from Liverpool       
GRIFFITHS COURTNEY GLENDOWER 42  Stoker 1st Class D/K 26353  from Devon        
GRIGAITIS FRANCIS   Petty Officer Telegraphist D/J 112614 from Withington,Manchester       
HACKETT GEORGE WILLIAM   Sick Berth Attendant D/SBRX 6892         
HAIGH HARRY 21  Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 96607 from Halifax        
HALL ALBERT EDWARD 32  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 75926 from West Bromwich        
HALLIHAN JOHN JAMES   Able Seaman D/J 115493         
HAMILTON JOHN WILLIAM 41  Telegraphist D/WRX 227  from Gloucestershire        
HARMAN MELVILLE VINCENT AUGUSTUS   Leading Seaman D/J 17620         
HARRIS STANLEY RUSSELL 17  Boy 1st Class D/JX 158585 from Cornwall        
HARRIS WILLIAM JAMES 43  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 18452 from Devon       
HART CHARLES SUMNOR 50  Mechanician 1st Class D/311973  from Devon       
HARVEY JOHN GRAHAM 23  Leading Seaman D/JX 136710 from Ardrossan       
HASLER JAMES HENRY 44  Stoker 1st Class DK.14305   from Boscastle       
HAYTER GEORGE HENRY 38  Able Seaman D/J 71342 from Devon        
HEATH JAMES RAYMOND 36  Colour Serjeant PLY/21057  from Plymouth       
HEBBLETHWAITE WILLIAM FREDERICK 49  Chief Petty Officer Steward D/L 792 from Dorking       
HELLIER ALBERT 46  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/M 4503  from Devon        
HICKEY WILLIAM FRANCIS 45  Stoker 1st Class D/K 5810  from Plymouth       
HINDE HAROLD 26  Corporal 564172  from Sussex      
HITCHINGS WILLIAM ROBERT 44  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 17019  from Bristol        
HOCKEN ALFRED JOHN   Commissioned Gunner          
HOCKEN HAROLD BARLOW 18  Aircraftman 2nd Class 549500 from Leigh,Lancs       
HOLBERTON JOHN ALFRED   Petty Officer Stoker D/K 22536         
HOLLOWAY RICHARD WILLIAM 33  Telegraphist D/WRX 14 from Exmouth       
HOLMES JOHN WILLIAM   Able Seaman D/J 14092         
HOLT ALBERT JOHN   Able Seaman D/232430  from Plymouth       
HONEYWELL JOHN RONALD 23  Air Mechanic P/KX. 85760         
HORTON ELIAS 52  Stoker 1st Class D/K 3084 from Devon       
HOSKIN RONALD REDVERS 38  Electrical Artificer 1st Class D/M 38168 from Plymouth        
HOWARD JAMES 39  Marine PLY/19851 from Lambeth       
HUCKER WALTER JAMES 27  Able Seaman D/JX 131055 from Devon       
HUDSON FREDERICK ERNEST   Aircraftman 1st Class 529152         
HUGHES EMRYS 22  Cook (S) D/MX 56598 from Bargoed       
HULME HERBERT   Able Seaman D/SSX 22058         
HUMBLE FREDERICK JAMES 40  Musician RMB/2914  from Devonport       
HUNT FREDERICK GEORGE   Able Seaman D/J 27304 from Devon        
HUNTER JOHN 19  Able Seaman D/SSX 20502 from Clackmannanshire       
INGRAM ANTHONY FEILDE   Lieutenant          
IVE JOHN LEONARD STAUNTON 33  Leading Seaman D/J 103181 from Newton Abbot        
IVEY FREDERICK CHARLES 44  Able Seaman D/J 13618  from Falmouth       
JACKSON GEORGE 21  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89843 from Devon     
JACKSON JOHN WILLIAM 21  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89531 from Warwickshire       
JACOBS JOHN GEORGE 24  Leading Aircraftman 521000 From Woodford,Essex.His brother,William also died on service        
JAMES ALBERT 28  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89682         
JAMES CECIL WILLIAM 50  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 87756 from Taunton        
JAMES CHRISTOPHER 39  Marine PLY/20584  from Liverpool        
JEFFRIES SIDNEY HUGH 38  Master at Arms D/M 39781 from Edgbaston       
JENKINS CECIL JOHN HENRY   Blacksmith 1st Class D/M 39169         
JENKINS ROBERT JAMES 40  Petty Officer D/J 103058 from Liverpool       
JERMYN WILLIAM JOHN 36  Leading Seaman D/6960 C  from Padstow        
JESS GEORGE BEYNON 44  Warrant Supply Officer from Plymouth       
JESSOP STANLEY 43  Ordnance Artificer 1st Class D/M 12709  from Glamorgan        
JOHNS ALBERT CHARLES 50  Shipwright 3rd Class D/M 14425         
JOHNS GEORGE WILLIAM 44  Stoker 1st Class D/K 20246 from Plymouth      
JOHNSON WILLIAM EDWARD 39  Chief Stoker D/K 61710  from St.Agnes,Cornwall.        
JOHNSTON ROBERT   Aircraftman 1st Class 542562         
JOINER HENRY   Stoker 1st Class D/SS 120859         
JONES GEORGE FRANCIS 19  Able Seaman D/JX 146519 from Flintshire        
JONES HUGH WILLIAM   Aircraftman 1st Class 541391         
JONES ROBERT VINCENT   Able Seaman D/JX 148035         
JONES WILLIAM EDWARD 39  Chief Stoker D/K 57354 from Shrewsbury        
JONES WILLIAM JOSEPH   Chief Stoker D/K 55138         
JOYNES REGINALD VICTOR   Stoker 1st Class D/K 62843         
KEELING JOHN EDWARD   Stoker 1st Class D/K 45693         
KELLY DENIS 46  Able Seaman D/J 7490 from Skibbereen,Co.Cork        
KEMP ALFRED JAMES   Able Seaman D/J 21659          
KEMP CYRIL ALEXANDER 21  Electrical Artificer 4th Class D/MX 50409 from Kent        
KENTON ERIC GRANVILLE 37  Able Seaman D/J 82809          
KERRIDGE OSWALD LEO   Supply Assistant D/MX 59639         
KING ALBERT 25  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89408 from Botlon       
KING THOMAS ARISS   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 77729         
KING WILLIAM KENNETH 17  Boy 1st Class D/JX 159157 from Bristol        
KITSON CLARENCE 24  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 96240 from Yorkshire        
KNOTT ALBERT VICTOR   Aircraftman 1st Class 518418 from London       
LAFFAN JAMES   Ordinary Seaman D/MD/X 2449         
LANDERS JOHN JOSEPH 43  Able Seaman D/J 4792   from St.Helens        
LANE FREDERICK BOND   Cook (S) P/M 38567         
LANGLER FREDERICK GREYSON 41  Able Seaman D/J 34033         
LANGMAID JOSEPH 47  Stoker 1st Class D/K 11172 from Polperro       
LATHAM JOHN DEGGE   Warrant Writer Officer          
LATTIMER ROBERT 40  Able Seaman D/J 38737 from Portsmouth       
LAWLEY VICTOR   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 83778         
LAWREY MARTIN   Paymaster Commander          
LEE SYDNEY RUPERT   Aircraftman 1st Class 532191         
LEE THOMAS   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 62877         
LEIGH HARRY   Able Seaman D/JX 135700         
LILLECRAPP HAROLD JAMES   Electrical Artificer 1st Class D/M 5820         
LITTLE JAMES 31  Able Seaman D/MD/X 2203 from Liverpool        
LOGAN JOHN   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 87185         
LOVELOCK CYRIL WILLIAM WALMSLEY 21  Aircraftman 1st Class 534636 from Upper Norwood       
LUMBER ALBERT EDWARD 36  Chief Petty Officer D/J 96467  from Gloucestershire        
LUSCOMBE HERBERT   Petty Officer Stoker D/K 28218  from Devon      
LUXTON HERBERT WILLIAM 40  Chief Mechanician D/K 45078         
MAIN RONALD FREDERICK HENRY 16  Boy 1st Class D/JX 158877 from Devon        
MAKEIG-JONES WILLIAM TOFIELD 49  Captain   from Torquay       
MAKIN GEORGE 43  Stoker 1st Class D/K 62862  from Liverpool       
MAKINGS FRANK 41  Marine PLY/18561  from Yorkshire       
MALLETT CHARLES WILLIAM PERCIVAL 24  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 63359 from Herefordshire       
MANN LESLIE WILLIAM EDWARD 34  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 62551 from Plymouth        
MARSH ALFRED 31  Naval Airman 1st Class FAA/F. 55042          
MASON JOHN 39  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 58097  from Plymouth        
MATHESON HAROLD GEORGE   Canteen Assistant          
MAY SIDNEY JOHN 40  Able Seaman D/J 42229  from Leicestershire        
MEAD GEORGE KITCHENOR 22  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 92997 from Cornwall       
MEE ERNEST 50  Able Seaman D/236517   from South Harrow       
MEYRICK RONALD GEORGE 25  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 86470 from Newton Abbot       
MILLAR JAMES 46  Able Seaman D/J 7695   from Belfast       
MILLER LEWIS HENRY 19  Cook (S) D/MX 55950 from Essex       
MILLS ALBERT 23  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89845 from Rochdale      
MINNS PERCY WALTER   Able Seaman D/J 13024  from Gloucestershire       
MITCHELL FREDERICK JAMES 21  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 75201  from Birkenhead        
MOLYNEUX RICHARD 19  Able Seaman D/MD/X 2495 from Cheshire        
MONAGHAN HAROLD STEPHEN 39  Chief Stoker D/K 63847          
MOON THOMAS 32  Seaman D/X 19179 from Belfast        
MOORE CYRIL JOHN 22  Aircraftman 1st Class 529688 from Glamorgan      
MOORE THOMAS HENRY 50  Chief Petty Officer Supply D/311872         
MORGAN CYRIL GEORGE 21  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89834 from Bath       
MOUNT HAROLD 21  Able Seaman D/MD/X 2258 from Liverpool       
MYERS ISAAC 46  Stoker 1st Class D/K 17990         
MacDONALD THOMAS DONALD MACKINTOSH 22  Lieutenant (A)  from Ross&Cromarty       
McCARTHY MICHAEL ANTHONY 25  Air Mechanic FAA/FX. 76765 from Co.cork       
McCAULEY HENRY 39  Able Seaman D/J 35109 from Co.Antrim, his brother Robert was killed in WW1        
McCORMICK SAMUEL 49  Able Seaman D/JX 151452 from Devonport       
McINTYRE ALEXANDER   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89656         
McINTYRE CHARLES CLAUDE 22  Joiner 4th Class D/MX 60033 from Cornwall        
McKAY JOHN 23  Able Seaman D/JX 136429 from Kirkcaldy        
McKINLAY SAMUEL 35  Leading Cook (S) D/M 38150         
McLEAN WILLIAM FREDERICK JAMES 19  Supply Assistant D/MX 57969 from Devon       
McNEIL ROBERT AYTON   Aircraftman 1st Class 530174         
McNEILL THOMAS   Petty Officer D/JX 134571 from Lewisham        
NEALD WILLIAM ALFRED 28  Able Seaman D/MD/X 3026 from Cheshire        
NETHERCOTT JOHN JAMES 22  Electrical Artificer 4th Class D/MX 57261 from Cornwall        
NEWSOME WILLIAM JOSEPH   Petty Officer Stoker D/K 45963         
NIELD ALBERT 25  Able Seaman P/MD/X 978 from Cheshire        
NILE FREDERICK GEORGE 55  Able Seaman D/214366   from Devonport       
NILE JOHN 50  Leading Steward D/L 1249   from Cornwall      
NOBLE WILLIAM WEALLENS SIMM   Petty Officer D/JX 132374         
NORRISH GEORGE EDWARD 29  Corporal 532398 from Glamorgan       
NORTHEY JOHN 40  Stoker 1st Class D/K 27301 from Devon      
NORTON IVOR JOHN SQUIRE 29  Telegraphist D/WRX 16 from Exmouth       
NORTON REGINALD   Able Seaman D/MD/X 1965         
OBRIEN PATRICK JOSEPH 53  Commissioned Boatswain from Co.Cork        
OSULLIVAN PATRICK JOSEPH   Chief Petty Officer Writer D/347090  from Kensington        
OLIVER EDWIN AMBROSE 51  Able Seaman D/235478   from Cornwall       
OUGHTON THOMAS 41  Painter 3rd Class D/MX 50701 from Weston-Super-Mare        
OWEN BERNARD JOHN 34  Petty Officer Airman FAA/F. 55127  from Bath      
PALMER REGINALD DONALD COLES 25  Leading Cook (S) D/MX 49065 from Plymouth        
PAYNE GEORGE THOMAS 40  Leading Telegraphist D/J 30186 from Paignton       
PEACH ERNEST 45  Marine PLY/X 17446 from Newton Heath      
PEARCE CLIFTON GEORGE 25  Engine Room Artificer 5th Class D/MX 53317 Cornwall        
PEARSE EMMANUEL ALFRED 42  Chief Stoker D/K 29926         
PEARSON PERCY 43  Able Seaman D/J 19609         
PEDRICK WILLIAM ALFRED 44  Stoker 1st Class D/K 27484  from Devon      
PENGLASE DANIEL   Seaman D/X 19771A         
PENMAN ALFRED   Aircraftman 1st Class 523237         
PENNA ARTHUR JOHN 28  Ordnance Artificer 3rd Class D/MX 46582 from Plymouth       
PENNY GEORGE EDWIN 49  Mechanician D/K 4652 from Southampton       
PENPRASE JOHN HENRY 25  Cook (S) D/MX 50514 from Cornwall       
PERCIVAL CECIL   Chief Petty Officer Supply D/M 37352  from London       
PERKINS ERNEST JOHN 39  Chief Engine Room Artificer D/MX 51867 from Devonport        
PERKINS WILLIAM JOHN   Petty Officer Stoker D/KX 85089         
PERRETT WILLIAM JOHN 42  Able Seaman D/J 21709 from Somerset        
PESKETT WALTER HENRY 45  Stoker 1st Class D/K 26020  from St.Agnes,Cornwall        
PHIPPS ARTHUR 16  Boy 1st Class D/JX 158655 from Gloucestershire        
PIKE ERIC THOMAS 40  Stoker 1st Class D/K 25996  from Devon        
PILKINGTON WALTER ASHWORTH   Leading Writer D/MX 55434 from Cornwall       
PILL ARTHUR GEORGE 50  Leading Steward D/L 1857  from Plymouth       
PINK EDWARD GEORGE 21  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 75848         
PITHIE ROBERT MCLEAN   Engine Room Artificer 5th Class D/X 914E         
POLLARD GERALD JOHN BRADBURY   Acting Sub Lieutenant          
POWER JAMES JOSEPH 53  Stoker 1st Class D/307100         
POWLESLAND WALLACE   Petty Officer Stoker D/K 22266         
PRATT GILBERT FRANK   Leading Seaman D/JX 132123         
PRITCHARD RONALD 22  Able Seaman D/SSX 14731 from Bath        
PROWSE FREDERICK JOHN CHARLES 56  Leading Stoker D/K 24322  from Plymouth        
PULESTON HENRY EDWARD 52  Petty Officer Cook (S) D/365213 from Plymouth        
PULLEYBLANK STANLEY JOSEPH   Electrical Artificer 4th Class D/MX 57257         
PURNELL JOHN HENRY 23  Steward D/LX 21813 from Bristol        
QUIRK ARTHUR GEORGE   Canteen Assistant          
RADNEDGE WALTER HENRY 40  Leading Telegraphist D/J 35143  from Norwich        
RATHBONE WILLIAM JOHN 30  Able Seaman D/SSX 13073 from Birmingham       
REA WILLIAM   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 90637 from Liverpool        
REES FRANCIS ALFRED 33  Chief Petty Officer FAA/FX. 75210  from Hampshire.        
REID JOHN 38  Able Seaman D/J 115435 from Edinburgh       
RICHARDS ROBERT JOHN 20  Able Seaman P/JX 146769 from Brighton        
RICHARDS WILLIAM HURST 38  Electrical Artificer 1st Class D/M 36224  from Plymouth        
RILEY EDWARD WILLIAM   Stoker 1st Class D/K 25206  from Cornwall        
RIVETT ROBERT CLEMENT REUBEN   Leading Seaman D/JX 129455 from Devonport        
ROBERTSON GEORGE 32  Stoker 1st Class D/K 66944  from Kirkwall       
ROBINSON HUGH PHILIP   Seaman D/X 18558A         
ROBY THOMAS 21  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 93877 from Cornwall        
ROGERS LEONARD JAMES 58  Stoker 1st Class D/K 22016 from Plymouth       
ROGERSON THOMAS WILLIAM 53  Able Seaman D/230598   from Bristol      
RUNNEGAR JAMES JOHN 18  Aircraftman 2nd Class 548693 from Surrey      
RUSSELL HORACE 23  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 90257 from Didsbury       
RYDER JOHN ROBERT 43  Stoker 1st Class D/K 21543 from Devon        
SALISBURY WILLIAM HERBERT 41  Electrical Artificer 2nd Class D/M 29433 from Barnstaple     
SANDERS ARTHUR   Ordinary Seaman D/JX 152794         
SANDERSON CHARLES HENRY   Engine Room Artificer 5th Class D/384 EC         
SCOTT ERNEST BERTRAM 40  Leading Seaman D/J 31827 from Exeter       
SHEARS WILLIAM JOHN 47  Shipwright 1st Class D/M 8075  from Brixham       
SHEARWOOD RONALD CHARLES 20  Able Seaman P/SSX 19976 from Hampshire      
SHELDON CHARLES HENRY   Leading Stoker D/K 23032  from Plymouth       
SHELDON IVOR ALFRED 22  Able Seaman D/JX 138483 from Plymouth       
SHEPHERD ALFRED JAMES HENRY MITCHELL  Blacksmith 3rd Class D/M 13932         
SHERIDAN HAROLD LESLIE 35  Petty Officer Writer D/BD/X 994 from Gloucester        
SHORE HARRY   Petty Officer P/JX 125418         
SIMPSON FREDERICK JOHN 31  Petty Officer D/J 109886 from Plymouth       
SIMPSON ROBERT   Marine PLY/X 2010         
SINGER JAMES 40  Petty Officer Telegraphist D/J 33651 from Yorkshire        
SKINNER IVOR 26  Telegraphist D/WRX 21  from Exmouth        
SMILLIE THOMAS 41  Able Seaman D/J 30291  from Glasgow        
SMITH ERNEST WILLIAM GEORGE   Chief Engine Room Artificer D/M 4274         
SMITH FREDERICK CHARLES 45  Stoker 1st Class D/K 20335  from Cornwall        
SMITH FREDERICK JAMES   Commissioned Gunner from Cornwall       
SMITH GEORGE 19  Aircraftman 1st Class 548938 from Oxfordshire        
SMITH JAMES ALFRED JOHN   Marine PLY/21466 from Gloucester       
SMITH JOHN 40  Able Seaman D/J 34704 from Dublin      
SMITH JOHN 21  Able Seaman D/JX 141043 from Preston       
SMITH WILLIAM JAMES 46  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/M 11294  from Devon        
SPIKE ROBERT REGINALD 39  Chief Mechanician D/K 47119  from Devon       
SPILLER GEOFFREY WILLIAM 19  Writer D/MX 58075 from Plymouth       
SPILMAN JAMES JACKSON 35  Warrant Engineer   from Portsmouth,his brother Alfred also died on service       
STADDON REGINALD 41  Stoker 1st Class D/K 19173         
STAFFORD THOMAS FRANCIS 18  Boy 1st Class D/SSX 28391 from Liverpool        
STANAWAY WILLIAM HENRY   Able Seaman D/J 30908         
STAPLETON ERNEST   Petty Officer Stoker D/KX 86745         
STEEL BENJAMIN RICHARD 23  Petty Officer D/JX 135977 from Rugby       
STEEL JOHN ARNOTT   Able Seaman D/J 2983 from Paisley       
STEPHENS ALBERT   Stoker 1st Class D/K 6719         
STEPHENS EDWARD JOHN 49  Chief Engine Room Artificer D/M 3569   from Cornwall        
STEPHENS THOMAS   Able Seaman D/SSX 22895 from Liverpool       
STEVENS ALBERT JOHN 39  Chief Engine Room Artificer D/M 14560  from Plymouth        
STREET FRANCIS JOHN 18  Writer D/MX 59836 from Plymouth       
STRIBLING ALBERT EDWARD 24  Aircraftman 1st Class 526481        
STRONG WILLIAM THOMAS 43  Blacksmith 1st Class D/M 6493  from Glamorgan       
STUART SAMUEL 30  Able Seaman D/J 112223 from Shaw        
STUBBS HAROLD 21  Marine PLY/X 1363 from Gloucester       
SUMNER SAMUEL ALBERT 21  Aircraftman 1st Class 528853 from Netherton       
TABLEY ROBERT WILLIAM 34  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 79920 from West Hartlepool       
TAMLYN HAROLD HENRY JOHN 26  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 75854  from Port Talbot        
TAPPER ALBERT VICTOR 51  Shipwright 2nd Class D/345717         
TAYLOR WALTER 44  Leading Stoker D/K 57976         
TEMLETT HAROLD JOHN 40  Stoker 1st Class D/K 18500  from Plymouth        
THATCHER FREDERICK HILL 42  Able Seaman D/J 21730         
THATCHER STANLEY VINING 49  Able Seaman D/J 238310 from Paignton        
THOMAS FREDERICK EDMUND 22  Able Seaman D/SSX 15426 from Llanelly       
THOMAS FREDERICK HARVEY 34  Chief Ordnance Artificer D/M 35619  from Cornwall       
THOMAS JAMES 45  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 87178 from Plymouth       
THOMAS WILLIAM SYDNEY 38  Stoker 1st Class D/K 55820  from Surrey       
THOMPSON GEORGE CLIFFORD 24  Aircraftman 1st Class 517500 from Westmorland       
THOMPSON WILLIAM JOSEPH 28  Leading Stoker D/KX 81326 from Cheshire        
THWAITES JOSEPH HAWORTH 23  Electrical Artificer 3rd Class P/MX 48596 from Plymouth        
TIBBS ERNEST EDISON 43  Able Seaman P/J 104176 from Tunstall       
TILBROOK JOHN 22  Marine PLY/X 1126        
TINNEY JAMES   Able Seaman D/J 18386         
TOFT ANTHONY GEORGE 18  Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 96611 from Co.Dublin        
TOMLINSON WILLIAM EDWIN   Schoolmaster Commissioned Warrant Officer          
TOWL THOMAS 45  Leading Stoker D/KX 87653 from Plymouth       
TREE HERBERT JAMES   Able Seaman D/J 21051  from Devon       
TREVORROW WILLIAM THOMAS ROW 41  Chief Petty Officer Sick Berth D/M 22534          
TROTTER THOMAS   Stoker 1st Class D/KX 87176         
TULLY JOHN WILLIAM 25  Leading Air Fitter P/FX. 76070 from Hampshire       
TURLEY ALBERT EDWARD 30  Able Seaman D/JX 139674 from Wolverhampton        
TURNER SAMUEL HENRY 23  Leading Air Fitter P/FX. 75857 from Paisley        
TWOMEY THOMAS 47  Stoker 1st Class D/K 21236        
VEALE CHARLES FRANCIS 30  Leading Seaman D/J 110611 from Devon        
VENNERS THOMAS 20  Able Seaman P/SSX 17700 from Co.Durham        
VICKERY BERTIE 37  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 57177 from Devon       
VINCENT GIDEON GEORGE LANSDOWN 39  Chief Petty Officer D/M 37649  from Cornwall        
WADHAM WILLIAM JOHN 19  Able Seaman D/JX 145164 from Dorset        
WALDRON ALBERT EDWARD   Able Seaman D/J 98958 from Edinburgh        
WALDRON PERCIVAL 37  Electrical Artificer 1st Class D/MX 45339 from Wiltshire        
WALLACE EDGAR PATRICK   Canteen Assistant          
WALLIS GARFIELD 56  Petty Officer Stoker D/K 23515 from Cornwall       
WALSH MICHAEL 50  Shipwright 1st Class D/346826   from Devon     
WALTERS PETER CRAWFORD 42  Able Seaman D/J 31077 from Edinburgh        
WARD HAROLD WILLIAM 44  Able Seaman D/J 17735  from Hull       
WARD JAMES   Able Seaman D/SSX 12459         
WARN DOUGLAS JAMES 20  Electrical Artificer 5th Class D/MX. 50906 from Devon       
WARREN WILLIAM GEORGE 40  Able Seaman D/J 36135        
WASLING ALBERT EDWARD 25  Steward D/LX 21423 from York        
WATERS EDGAR HENRY WILLIAM 43  Chief Engine Room Artificer D/M 6006  from Hayes       
WATFORD RICHARD CUTHBERT   Corporal 531017         
WATKIN FRED 20  Signalman D/JX 144479 from Macclesfield       
WATKINS ALBERT JOSEPH 18  Boy 1st Class D/JX 156987         
WATKINSON HUGH 18  Ordinary Seaman D/SSX 28044 from Liverpool       
WATT MARK 21  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 89786         
WAYE SIDNEY EDWIN 21  Steward D/LX 22471 from Devon        
WEBESTER GRANVILLE EDWARD COOMBE   Aircraftman 1st Class 551170         
WEEKES WILLIAM 30  Leading Air Fitter FAA/FX. 76101         
WHEELER CHARLES 44  Marine PLY/16387 from Wiltshire        
WHITE HERBERT 48  Chief Joiner D/M 15460  from Devon        
WHITE JOSEPH ALFRED 25  Stoker 1st Class D/KX 85666 from Sunderland        
WHITLA JAMES   Able Seaman D/J 26083         
WILBOURNE DIAMOND LEONARD 48  Petty Officer D/J 23119 from Plymouth        
WILDING WILLIAM 45  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/228ED from Northwich        
WILLCOCKS SIDNEY JOHN 45  Stoker 1st Class D/K 14435 from Devon        
WILLIAMS CARADOC GEORGE 21  Marine PLY/X 1419 from Glamorgan,his father Caradoc snr was killed in WW1        
WILLIAMS DAVID FREDERICK 26  Sub-Lieutenant (A)        
WILLIAMS ERIC 17  Boy 1st Class D/SSX 28051 from Prestatyn.His brother Robert also died on service        
WILLIAMS ERNEST HENRY 44  Chief Engine Room Artificer D/M 16484 from Devonport        
WILLIAMS HERBERT CHARLES VICTOR   Sergeant 370506         
WILLIAMS JOHN GORDON   Telegraphist D/JX 149433         
WILLS HAROLD HENRY 51  Able Seaman D/230707         
WILLS RONALD RENNY 21  Able Seaman D/JX 140885 from Plymouth       
WILSON DONALD 46 Mentioned in Despatches Marine PLY/15433  from Surrey        
WILSON JOSEPH 39  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D/252ED from Co.Durham        
WILSON MICHAEL JOHN 43  Stoker 1st Class D/K 22225  from Cobh,Co.Cork        
WINSER SAMUEL ALBERT GEORGE 45  Marine PLY/X 15608 from Newton Abbot        
WINTER JOHN HENRY   Warrant Engineer          
WOOD CHARLES 42  Stoker 1st Class D/K 23902 from Newton Abbot       
WOODHOUSE DONOVAN HENRY 26  Able Seaman D/SSX 14734 from Taunton        
WOOLCOCK ERNEST FREDERIC 44  Leading Stoker D/KX 87806 from Brechin       
WRIGHT CHASELEY EDWARD THOMAS 25  Aircraftman 1st Class 518075 from Deal       
YATES HENRY ROBERT 39  Marine PLY/20432 from Buckinghamshire        
YEARSLEY JAMES   Able Seaman D/J 38440 from Stoke-on-Trent       
YOUNG CHARLES EDWARD 42  Leading Stoker D/K 23323  from Plymouth      
YOUNG JOHN 43  Stoker 1st Class D/K 28606 from Glamorgan       
YOUNGER JAMES 46  Leading Cook (S) D/M 5975  from Dundee    

Little is known at the moment about Marine Harry Berry.If you have any information please share it. There was a Harry Berry born in 1918 in Royton,mothers maiden name Taylor with sisters Ethel & Doris.Harry appears on the memorial plaque inside St.Paul's church.
On September 3rd 1939 Britain declared war on Germany and that evening HMS Courageous set sail from Plymouth on an anti-submarine patrol,escorted by four destroyers. On the evening of the 17th, the Courageous was struck by two torpedoes fired by the German submarine U-29 and capsized and sank within 20 minutes.519 men lost their lives. Two destroyers (the other two had departed Courageous earlier to help a merchant ship under attack) tried to sink the U-29 for four hours afterwards but the German craft got away.

The men who died alongside Harry Berry,including fellow Roytoner James Tushingham and a lad from Shaw, were:

Date of Death:17/09/1939

Service No:PLY/X 1354
Date of Death:17/09/1939
Regiment/Service:Royal Marines
Vessel: H.M.S. Courageous.
Plymouth Naval Memorial
Panel Ref:Panel 35, Column 2.

the sinking HMS Courageous

‚ÄčRoyton Roll of Honour