It was October before the rebuilt battalion was deemed fit again for action and they were again to suffer terrible losses. On October 12th they attacked the Butte de Warlencourt, an ancient burial mound off the Albert-Baupame road. The Germans had constructed deep dugouts throughout the Butte and surrounded it by several belts of barbed wire, making it a formidable defensive position. An attack on October 7th by other units had already been a costly failure - the defenders suffered terrible losses also - and five days later it was to be the turn of Harry's battalion. Going over the top shortly after 14:00 a Brigade of South African infantry attacked on the left, the 7th Seaforths leading on the right - their first objective being a position called Snag Trench.  Heavy German machine gun and rifle fire cut down scores of the Seaforths as they advanced up a gentle slope with many others being killed and wounded by British heavy artillery firing short and hitting their own men. Two supporting companies of 10th Argylls pushed forward and a mixed party of Seaforths and Argylls dug in on a line about 150 yards beyond their original front line. The South African 2nd Regiment, followed by the 4th, had lost direction in smoke drifting from the Butte and also lost heavily from machine gun fire, the survivors dug in about halfway to Snag Trench.
Harry Smalley was one of the many men killed. Three weeks later the Oldham Chronicle reported that Harry's parents had received a letter from an officer in the battalion:

"On the afternoon of October 12th the battalion was ordered to attack a German position, and in this attack Private H.Smalley met his death along with many others. The body has been buried in a spot near to where he fell, and we in in the Company, mourning his loss, realise how hard the loss must be for you to bear".

Harry's body was not definitively identified after the fighting but he is thought to be one of the men buried at Warlencourt British Cemetery and has a memorial stone there.
The 7th Seaforth Highlanders suffered 467 casualties in the fighting for the Butte de Warlencourt. Those who were killed alongside Harry were:

ADAMSON JAMES 23 Lance Corporal S/12688 from Dunfermline
ADDISON  JAMES Private S/5102    
ALLAN SAMUEL 21 Private  S/6496 from Glasgow
ALLEN AE 23 Private S/8928 from London
ANDERSON WILLIAM Private S/9348    
BAIRD WILLIAM 27 Private S/8411 from Preston
BANKS CHARLES 18 Private S/12657 from Lanark
BANKS GEORGE Corporal 8148 from Inverness
BENNETT  JOHN 23 Private S/13008 from Maxwelltown
BLACK JOHN Lance Corporal S/2285    
BRINE HM 33 Lance Corporal S/12647    
BRITTON  JOHN Private S/12895    
BUCHAN WILLIAM 2nd Lt.        
BURNETT J Private S/7848    
CAIRNS MARTIN Private S/7759    
CAMPBELL DAVID 19 Private S/12609 from Wick
CAMPBELL KENNETH 23 Serjeant 316805 from Stornoway
CARTER WILLIAM Captain        
CAVE J 21 Private S/9575 from Ayr
CLEGHORN JOHN Lance Corporal S/10477    
COHEN SIMON Private S/10893    
COLLINS JOHN Private S/1488    
COWPER ROBERT 27 Corporal 10430 from Wallsend
CRABTREE JOHN 29 Private 3/13252 from Milnrow
CUNNION T 34 Private S/1619 from Ulverston
DAWSON J Corporal S/8254    
DUNVILLE THEODORE Private S/11842    
DURNAN PETER Private S/10500    
EASTWOOD ALBERT 21 Private S/12142 from Oldham
EDWARDS W Private 2007    
ELLIS JOHN 30 Corporal S/9189 from York
EVANS WILLIAM 19 Private S/17520 from Blackburn
FALCONER JOHN Lance Corporal S/5553    
FAUNT THOMAS 25 Lance Corporal S/5824 from Edinburgh
FERGUSON ALEXANDER Private S/12582    
FERGUSON DONALD  24 Serjeant 10249    
FORBES ALEXANDER Serjeant 8720    
FOTHERINGHAM Lance Corporal S/10953    
FRASER JOHN Private S/5342    
FRASER WILLIAM  Serjeant 486    
GIBSON ALFRED 40 Lance Corporal  S/12881 from Orkney
GRAY GEORGE Private S/10945    
GREAVES FRANK 29 Private S/4176 from London
GRIGOR BENJAMIN  36 Private S/12476 from Elgin
HAMILTON W Private S/8636    
HARCUS JOHN 41 Private S/12479 from Orkney
HARDY GEORGE Private S/11508    
HARTLEY  J Lance Corporal S/12020    
HARVEY GF 30 Private S/10838 from Orkney
HARVEY THOMAS Private 10361    
HODGSON  WILLIAM Lance Corporal S/11499 from York
JARVIE  WILLIAM 29 Lance Corporal S/2293 from Cambuslang
JOHNSON  E 20 Private S/11056 from Burnley
KILMARTIN EP Private S/11255    
LEIGH F  Private S/10725    
MACAULY D Private S/2965    
MACKAY D MM Lance Serjeant 9325    
MACKENZIE M Private S/12473    
MACLEOD THOMAS Private S/10873    
MACRAE DONALD Private S/13018    
MACRAE JAMES Private S/13263    
MARTIN ARTHUR 24 Private S/9000    from Kent
MAXWELL WILLIAM 36 2nd Lt.from Hawick
MILLAR JOHN 24 Lance Corporal S/12834 from Midlothian
MILLER W 22 Private S/12764 from Orkney
MILLIGAN GEORGE 27 Private S/2386 from Glasgow
MOIR NAIRN 19 Private S/9778 from Perth
MORAN THOMAS 22 Lance Corporal S/2987    
MORRIS EDWIN 23 Private  S/10663 from Manchester
MUIR W  Private S/6777 from Motherwell
MUNRO ALEXANDER  Lance Corporal S/3076    
MURRAY M Serjeant         
MacCOLL D 20 Lance Corporal S/11493 from Stirling
MacKINNON DONALD 35 Private S/11022 from Stornoway
MacLEOD  WA 26 Private S/11395 from Invernesshire
McDONALD D 33 Private S/10973 from Edinburgh
McDONALD FRANCIS 23 Corporal S/6142 from Hamilton
McDONALD JAMES Private S/9094    
McILWRAITH ROGER Private S/2399    
McKELVIE HUGH Private S/11362    
McKENZIE JOHN 19 Private S/12484 from Ross-shire
McLAUGHLIN HGB 18 Lieutenant from London
McLEAY COLIN Lance Corporal S/1514    
McNIVEN JOHN 33  Private S/12530 from Dundee
PATON JOHN 29 Lance Corporal S/12240 from Edinburgh
POLLOCK WILLIAM Private 1294    
POWELL JAMES Private S/11690    
REES TB Private S/12879    
REID WILLIAM 33 Private S/12266  from Renfrewshire
REILLY J Lance Corporal S/3245    
ROBB DAVID 19 Lance Corporal S/10975 from Forfar
ROGERS HERBERT Lance Corporal S/11889    
ROSS JAMES 26 Private S/10592    from Ayrshire
SCLATER  WILLIAM 21 Private S/12854 from Orkney
SHAW JAMES 24 Lance Corporal S/8673 from Airdrie
SHAW WILLIAM Private S/1706    
SHEPHERD JOHN Lance Corporal S/13308    
SHORT ALFRED Private S/11498    
SIMISON  JAMES 20 Private S/12618 from Montrose
SINCLAIR FRANCIS 29 Private S/2182 from Kirkaldy
SINCLAIR WILLIAM 29 Private S/10915 from Thurso
SMITH ALEXANDER 28 Private S/5835 from Edinburgh
SMITH DAVID 22  Lance Corporal S/12368  from Dundee
SMITH GEORGE 24 Private S/11149 from Manchester
SMITH J  21 Lance Corporal S/8651 from Edinburgh
SPRAY ERNEST 28  Serjeant S/3517    
STRATHDEE GEORGE 24 Serjeant S/5125 from Kilmarnock
SUTHERLAND JAMES Private S/12416    
SUTHERLAND WILLIAM 19 Private S/12763 from Orkney
TASKER E 20 Lance Corporal 12532 from Goole
THOMAS EDWARD 21 Private 683 from Manchester
THOMSON  JOHN Private S/9223    
TINDALE FREDERICK 36 Lance Corporal 799  from Newcastle
TURNER JAMES Private S/13426    
TWATT THOMAS 19  Lance Corporal  S/12623 from Orkney
WALKER H Serjeant 2659    
WEBSTER ALEXANDER Lance Corporal S/12460    
WHITE R Lance Serjeant 8647    
WHITESIDE WILLIAM 19 Private S/12381 from Fleetwood
WHYTE P 23 Lance Corporal 8653    
WILKIE ROBERT 19 Private S/2999 from Perthshire
WILSON ALEXANDER Private S/2926    
WILSON ANGELO 27 Private S/8997 from Lanark
WILSON ROBERT 19 2nd Lt.from St Leonards
WINTER WILLIAM  Private S/9741    
WRIGHT FRANK 22 Private S/10854 from Carnarvon
WYLIE S  Private  S/12613    
YOUNG G  MM Private S/9748    
YOUNG THOMAS Lance Corporal 8634    
YOUNIE JAMES Lance Corporal S/10990   

photo courtesy of Chris Eaton

Harry Smalley was born in the small Lincolnshire town of Kirton-in-Lindsey in 1888. His parents were William Henry and Alice. He was their first child. At the time of the 1891 census, he was living in the town of his birth with his grandparents Thomas & Ann along with uncle Frederick and aunt Ruth. His parents weren't there, presumably having already left to settle in Lancashire - Harry's sister Nellie was born in Thornham in the same year (Thornham was still a township - being split between Royton,Middleton & Rochdale in 1894). Brother Fred followed in 1893. All five Smalleys were still there for the census of 1901 which found the Smalley family living on Castleton Road. This was to be the family home for the remainder of Harry's life.  In 1911 he was a Grocer's Manager and after that took up a post with the great trading company - Paterson Zochonis who were based on Whitworth Street in Manchester. They had a major share of trade with Britain's West African colonies and it was to there that Harry moved as a Trader's Assistant. In November 1915 Harry came back home on four months holiday and whilst back he decided to enlist in the Army - doing so in February 1916.
Harry was sent out to France in August 1916 and joined the 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. This unit had been in action during the Battle of the Somme in July and had lost many men, especially in attack on Longueval on the 14th of that month. On July 19th it was stated that they had lost 22 officers and 429 other ranks since July 1st.

The Butte de Warlencourt photographed the year after Harry Smalley was killed before it © IWM

Royton Roll of Honour

Date of Death:12/10/1916
Service No:S/10737
Regiment:Seaforth Highlanders
Unit:7th Bn.
Warlencourt British Cemetery
Grave Ref:Sp.Mem.51