‚ÄčRoyton Roll of Honour

Date of Death:07/08/1915
Rank:Lance Serjeant
Service No:3476
Regiment:Manchester Regiment
Unit:11th Bn.
Helles Memorial
Panel Reference:Panel 159A

John W Buckley was born in Shaw in 1883. His parents were William, a coal miner who hailed from Shaw himself, and Isabella who had been born in Oldham. A second son, James, was born in 1885 but died before his first birthday. They had no more children after that. John remained in Shaw into adulthood. At the time of the 1901 census, aged 17, he was living with his parents at 1 Pomfret Place in Shaw. The following year aged 17 or 18 years of age John married Royton girl, Alice Stott. Where they lived together after that is unclear but we know that their daughter Isabella was born in Royton in late 1910. By the time of the 1911 census they were living back over the border in Shaw at 1 Broadbent,Shaw Road. They were back in Royton in 1913 when their son James William was born. At the outbreak of war they were living at 2 Cocker Street in Royton and John was working in the cotton industry. Although firmly ensconced in Royton by this point he was still well known in the Shaw area and was also a member of the Shaw Prize Brass Band.
John enlisted in the army in Oldham in August or September 1914 and became a member of the 11th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment.  The 11th Battalion were formed at the Regiment's home base in Ashton-under-Lyne in August 1914. In April 1915 they moved south to Witley Camp near Godalming in Surrey. At the end of June that year it was back up to Lancashire and a ship from Liverpool on the 30th to Mudros. Mudros, on the island of Lemnos, was the great forward staging post for the Gallipoli campaign.
From Mudros they landed on Turkish soil on August 6th 1915 as one of the infantry units of the Suvla Bay Landing. This was an attempt by the British to support a breakout from the Anzac sector some five miles to the south. The first units began landing at 22:00 and the casualties began to mount up. Shortly afterwards the 34th Brigade, of which the 11th Manchesters were part, attempted to land at 'A Beach' within Suvla Bay but they hit problems from the start. Many men had to wade ashore with water up to their necks and upon reaching the beach were pinned down by sniper and shellfire. The 11th Manchesters had the greatest success of the four battalions of the brigade but this came at considerable cost.
Upon landing they reached the Turkish trenches without too much opposition and then cleared them of their defenders at bayonet point. Day broke on August 7th with the Battalion astride a ridge, about half a mile inland, and faced by considerable numbers of Turks.About three hundred rifles were out of action for several hours owing to their having become clogged with sand and salt water. The British attack was begun, and was strenuously opposed by the enemy, but the 11th Manchesters succeeded in taking the ridge for about three miles inland, and was then brought to a standstill owing to heavy opposition in front and to being enfiladed on both sides. There was no means of communicating with Brigade Headquarters, and no other unit was at hand, but about noon a message was sent by flag signal to a destroyer and shortly before darkness fell the Battalion was reinforced by two battalions but no further advance was made. About 2 a.m. on the following morning the Battalion, which had suffered heavily from gun and rifle fire, heat, and lack of water, was relieved and sent back into reserve. John William Buckley was one of the men killed.
John's daughter Isabella died in Shaw, aged only 19, in 1930. His wife Alice remarried in Royton in 1928 but passed away in 1935 and was buried with her daughter and John's parents in Crompton Cemetery.
There is considerable confusion as to two of the names on the Royton War Memorial. There for WW1 we have both James William Buckley & John Buckley. No evidence has as yet been unearthed for a James William Buckley from Royton and both John William and the John in the entry above were eligible for inclusion. It seems most likely that a mistake was made and never noticed as John William's family perhaps thought that John Buckley was their man. If you do have any evidence of a James William Buckley from Royton please get in touch. It's difficult to research Buckley men in depth as it is such a common surname in the Oldham area.

Those lost in the fighting on August 7th,including five Oldhamers, alongside John William Buckley were:

CLOUGH PERCY 28 Private 3747 From Ashton-under-Lyne                                     
BATES HARRY 39 Major Son of Ralph&Eliza Bates                                           
BENTLEY  STEPHEN 48  Private 13326 From Beswick,Manchester                               
BIDDLECOMBE  HENRY  Private  9647  born Southampton.Lived in the Transvaal               
BRIGHT SIMEON 37 Private 3696  from Carlisle                                         
BUCK CHARLES Private 3426 from Salford                                                
CAPE HERBERT Lance Corporal  3694  born Salford                                          
CLARK ARTHUR 24 Private 13679 from Cadishead                                            
DALE ALFRED CSM  2397 born Hyde.Lived in Essex                                           
DAVIDSON ROBERT Private  13371 from Liverpool                                            
DUNCAN JAMES CSM  2399 born Seaham.Enlisted in Ashton                                   
DYE HAROLD Private  9586 from Manchester                                         
ENTWISTLE W  Private  4799                                                                
EVANSON-JONES TOM 19 Second Lt from Manchester.Gazetted Aug.1914                        
FLETCHER  FRED Private  3782  from Oldham                                               
FORD OSWALD 30 CQS 3054from Oldham                                                      
GILL EDWARD Private 3702 from Manchester                                             
HARVEY PHILIP Private 3603 from Denton                                                
HIGGINSON CHARLES  Private 3722 born Wolverhampton.Enlisted Manchester                  
HINDLEY  GEORGE  Private 13236 from Wigan                                                
HOWCROFT RICHARD Private  3374 from Dukinfield                                          
INNES RONALD 26    Second Lt. from Rusholme                                                
KNIGHT CHARLES 30 Private 3692 from Crumpsall                                           
LLOYD WILLIAM 18  Private 13472    from Manchester                                         
MARKEY  JAMES 33 Lance Corporal 13441 from Rusholme                                   
MARSDEN  JAMES  Private 2968 born Stalybridge                                           
MARSH EDWARD Private 3319 from Wigan                                                    
MARSLAND SYDNEY 23 Lieutenant  from Alderley Edge                                       
MOONEY CHRISTOPHER  27 Lance Corporal 3695 from Salford                                 
McLOUGHLIN  JOSEPH  Private  3095 from Oldham                                            
REEVES  JOHN  Private 3743 from Ashton                                                  
RYMER JOHN  40  Captain Brother of Rear Admiral EH Rymer.Served in Boer War           
SILLERY JOHN  48  Major  Son of the late Maj.Gen. CJC Sillery.Formerly Indian Staff Corps
SMITH  JOHN Private 3846 from Ashton                                                   
STEEDEN  PHILLIP 33 RSM   5237 From Manchester.Served in the Boer War                     
SUMNER SAMUEL Private 13961 from Hollinwood                                             
TAYLOR  THOMAS Private  3581 from Oldham                                                 
TURNER ELIJAH Private 3647 from Manchester                                            
WARNER GEORGE 23 Private 23430 from Salford                                           
WEEKS  ERNEST 21 Private 15724 from Devonport                                         
WILLIAMSON  JOSEPH Corporal 3818 from Ashton                                            
WILSON  WILLIAM Private 3788 from Edgbaston