‚ÄčRoyton Roll of Honour

Ronald Barker was born in Oldham in 1921, the son of Albert and Ada. He died aged only 19 as a Merchant Navy cadet on board the SS Florian which was lost with all hands after being sunk by the U-94. She was sailing from Hull to New York in ballast and went down in 42 seconds - leaving no time for either a distress signal or for any of her crew to abandon ship.
The U94 was itself sunk in August 1942 after being rammed by the HMCS Oakville.
The crew, plus two Royal Naval Gunners,who perished alongside Ronald were:

ALLAN, Fireman and Trimmer, FRANK, 35 years old, Hull - brother of Walter,below
ALLAN, Fireman and Trimmer, WALTER CHRISTOPHER, 21 years old,Hull - brother of Frank,above
ALLEN, Apprentice, GRAHAM SIMSON, 19 years old
BARBER, Trimmer, WILLIAM ERNEST,22 years old,Wellington,Shropshire
BEWLEY, Assistant Cook, FREDERICK,24 years old,Doncaster
BROBERG, Fireman and Trimmer, GUSTAV VICTOR,33 years old,Hull
BROWN, Fireman and Trimmer, JOSHUA, 23 years old,Grimsby
BROWNLEE, Carpenter, GEORGE LESLIE, 30 years old,Warwickshire
CAWKWELL, Fireman and Trimmer, HAROLD, 25 years old,Hull
CONSITT, Able Seaman, VICTOR, 22 years old,Hull
DEAKIN, Sailor, SIDNEY, 20 years old
EVANS, Able Seaman,ALBERT HENRY,D/JX 219188.RN.23 years old,Llanelli
FOSTER, Cadet, JOHN GERALD, 16 years old, Hoylake,Cheshire
GEDDES, Fireman and Trimmer, JOHN CORAL, 21 years old
HARWOOD, Fourth Engineer Officer, ROBERT SAMSON,21 years old,Wallasey
HAZELL, Chief Steward, GEORGE RONALD,21 years old,Bootle
HOLMES, Able Seaman, THOMAS GEORGE, 60 years old
HUNT, Donkeyman, ALFRED ALBERT DARDANELLES, 25 years old
HUNTER, Able Seaman, WILFRED, 43 years old,Hull
IBBETSON, Able Seaman, LESLIE, 21 years old
KRINKLE, Assistant Steward, FRANK, 18 years old
LIKEMAN, Third Officer, THOMAS GEORGE, 36 years old
LOVE, Cadet, DAVID RONALD, 19 years old,Purley
LOWSON, Trimmer, FREDERICK, 33 years old
MANN, Master, LAURENCE ROBERT,54 years old,Wallasey
MANNING, Donkeyman, ERNEST CARR, 39 years old
MARKWELL, Boatswain, EDWARD, 37 years old
McGOWAN, Fireman and Trimmer, BERNARD, 38 years old
MOIR, Chief Engineer Officer, JAMES ARCHIBALD, 54 years old,Birkenhead
NEEDHAM, Chief Steward, STANLEY OSCAR, 57 years old,Liverpool
PETLEY, Chief Officer, JAMES ARTHUR, 39 years old,Devon
ROCHE, Able Seaman, JOHN WILLIAM, 48 years old
SHAW, Second Radio Officer, JACK, 18 years old
STEPHENS, Third Engineer Officer, CLARENCE FREDERICK,27 years old,Bristol
STEVENSON, Cook, ARTHUR, 18 years old
STONE, First Radio Officer,RENDLE CHARLES JAMES, 34 years old,Liverpool
TAYLOR, Fireman and Trimmer, WILLIAM, 23 years old
WETTON, Donkeyman, JOHN HENRY, 60 years old,Hull
WHEATLEY,Able Seaman,REGINALD HORACE, P/JX 204917.RN.35 years old,Bristol
WILLIAMS, Second Officer, WILLIAM LLOYD, 57 years old,Liverpool
YEOMAN, Trimmer, GEORGE HERBERT, 27 years old
YORGENSON, Second Engineer Officer, ARTHUR CARLO,39 years old,Hull



Date of Death:20/01/1941

Service:Merchant Navy
Vessel:SS Florian
Tower Hill Memorial
Panel 49

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The inscription for the SS Florian at the Tower Hill Memorial