‚ÄčRoyton Roll of Honour

Date of Death:08/11/1914
Service No:471
Regiment:Northumberland Fusiliers
Unit:1st Bn.
Ypres(Menin Gate)Memorial
Panel Ref:Panel 8

Thomas Teare was born in Liverpool in 1882, the eldest child of parents George and Sarah. George Teare was to die in 1890 at the age of 31 leaving Sarah to bring up Thomas, George, Albert, Mary & John. The latter two being twins who weren't born until after George's death (John was seriously wounded whilst serving with the The King's Liverpool Regiment in 1916). At the time of the 1891 census they were living together in the Toxteth area of Liverpool with Sarah being a shopkeeper, sadly young Mary Teare died later that year. The following year Sarah was married to another Liverpudlian, Frederick Law - a baker, but the venue was St.Paul's in Royton. They are both listed as living at 1 Cambridge Street in Royton.
The family's sojourn in Royton was a brief one however and they soon found themselves back in Liverpool where Thomas' half-siblings Sarah,Frederick & Mary Law were born. In 1900 or early 1901 the family moved to Newcastle upon Tyne and Thomas was at this point working in the family business as a baker. This didn't last too long however as he joined the Northumberland Fusiliers, his service number suggests this was at some point in 1904. The normal length of service in those days was seven years so it was possibly a freshly discharged Thomas (a stripper and grinder by this point) who appears in the 1911 census back in Royton. In the meantime his brother George had married Sarah Moores, the sister of William Moores. His mother Sarah had moved to Spring Garden Street and as well as Thomas, his siblings Albert, John, Frederick, Sarah and Mary were all present. Whether Sarah was divorced or Frederick Law had just upped and left isn't clear but he himself was back in Liverpool with a new family.
By 1914 Thomas was working in the cardroom at the Park Mill. When war broke out, as a reservist, he was immediately called back to the colours. He would first have had to travel to the regimental depot in Newcastle and then all the way down to Portsmouth to the regiment's 1st Battalion (the other regular battalion, the 2nd, was still in India).They set sail from Portsmouth on August 13th along with the 1st Lincolnshires on board the dangerously overcrowded SS Norman. Thankfully all arrived safely in Le Havre the following day. The strength of the battalion as it marched off the ship was 1016 officers and men. Almost all of whom would either be killed or wounded by the end of the year. They were to see action at The Battle of Mons and the rearguard action at Solesmes, The Battle of Le Cateau, The Battle of the Marne, The Battle of the Aisne,
at La Bassee, Messines and the First Battle of Ypres.
It was during the Battle of Ypres that Thomas was killed. The battalion marched through Ypres on November 6th, Thomas Teare would have gone through the Menin Gate where his name is now engraved. The following day found the men dug in, waiting for an expected German attack. As expected, it came and the trenches either side of the position held by some of them were overrun. Others from the battalion launched a counter attack to try to retake the trenches they'd been driven from but the attack faltered. This left a group of Northumberland Fusiliers, led by a Captain Gordon isolated. A communications trench was quickly converted to a fire trench to face the new German positions. During the night Captain Gordon's trenches were re-supplied with water and ammunition and he was ordered to hold their position at all costs.
On November 8th there was intermittent shell and rifle fire directed at the men until at 17:30 the Germans left their trenches and charged at Thomas Teare and his comrades. They were repulsed, suffering heavy losses. Some of the Germans died on the parapet of the 1st Northumberlands' trench, a couple even getting into it. It was no easy victory however and Thomas Teare was dead. The other men of the 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers listed as dying that day were:

ABBOTT THOMAS 31 Private 245 from Bury St Edmonds
ADAMS JOHN Private 9332    
BARBER F A Private 3    
BELL HENRY 27 Private 443 from Nottingham
BLACKBIRD GEORGE 23 Private 3640 from Wallsend
BRADSHAW ARTHUR  32 Private 227    
BROWN HENRY 28 Private 1611    
BUDD JAMES 29 Lance Corporal 9719 from London,lived in Newcastle
BUTLER GEORGE Private 1934    
CAMERON  GEORGE 32 CSM 8199 from Glasgow.Served 14 years
CATER CHARLES 28 Private 1192 from London
CLARKE GEORGE Private 9737    
CLEMENTS GEORGE  Private   3747    
CROOK WILLIAM 27 Private 430 from London
DAWSON RALPH 31  Private  8885 from Sunderland
DICKINSON CHARLES  Private 2075    
DUNN ROBERT 30 Private 7749 from Birmingham
FILBY ERNEST Private 957    
GILL ARTHUR 32 Private 720 from Newcastle
HALLIDAY E Private 9168    
HOGG JAMES Lance Corporal 9742    
INSLEY ROBERT 28 Corporal 1449 from Staffordshire
JACKSON  OLIVER 32 Private 9219 from Staffordshire
JEFFRIES HENRY Corporal    833    
JUKES DAVID Lance Corporal 1413    
KEELING DICK 30  Private  9102 from Nottingham
KEMP JOHN Private 9797 from Yorkshire
KIMBLEY WILLIAM  Lance Corporal    4401    
KINGSLAND PERCY 28 Private 9730 from Ramsgate
LAMPKIN  GEORGE  29 Private 1024  from Sittingbourne
LANGLEY JOHN 28 Private  2440 from Gateshead
LOFTUS THOMAS  29 Private 1089 from Newport
MALONEY JOSEPH  Private  1899    
MARSHALL JOHN 29 Private 9684 from Dublin
MOONEY JOHN 34 Private  296 from Co.Wicklow.Sister lived in Oldham
McLELLAN W Private 3/704    
O'CONNOR JOHN Private 451    
ORANGE A Private 9330    
PATTERSON JAMES 31 Private 1660 from Newcastle
PICKERING JOHN  28 Lance Serjeant 1822 from Bridlington
PICKETT EDWARD Private 646    
POPKINS  THOMAS  Private    271    
PRATT HGW Lance Corporal 380    
READ ALFRED Lance Corporal 2761    
RICHARDSON HENRY  33 Lance Serjeant 9789 from London.Served 16 years
SHARPE ARTHUR Private 8863    
SMITH ERNEST 28 Private 8713 from Sheffield
SMITH HARRY 29 Private 9256 from Gateshead
SMITH LAIDLAW 35 Private 1510 from Hamilton
TAYLOR GEORGE 39 Private 106 from Rossendale
WALKER JOHN Private 1333    
WALTERS JAMES Private 9348    
WELSH THOMAS Private 9537    
WESTON CYRIL Private 8708    
WHEWAY JAMES Corporal 979    
WHITE JOHN 29 Private 314 from North Seaton, Northumberland
WILES WILLIAM Private 1103    
WILKINSON MATHEW 32 Private 1543 from South Shields
WILSON WILLIAM 29 Private 360 from Sunderland
WOOD EDWARD Private 1158    
WOOD GEORGE Serjeant 2352    

Six days after his death, the Oldham Chronicle of November 14th reported that Thomas had written home to say that he was going all right. He expressed the opinion that the troops would have a hard time in front of them during the winter. On Wednesday December 2nd his mother received the notification that he had been killed in action. The Chronicle added that Thomas enjoyed athletics and was a parishioner at St.Paul's.
Thomas is one of the nearly 55,000 names to the missing on the Menin Gate (inscription below)