ā€‹Royton Roll of Honour

William married Clara Coop in 1907 and they lived together at 166 Castleton Road, just along from William's family. They had three children - William (born 1910), Martha Ann (1912) and Elizabeth who was born in 1916 after William had been killed.
William had worked for a period of time at the Park Mill, along with brother John. By the outbreak of war though he was working as a piecer at the Crawford Mill in Rochdale. William enlisted in August 1914 and found himself in the South Lancashire Regiment. On September 17th 1915 he landed at Gallipoli as part of a replacement draft for the 6th Battalion who had been there since July. By the time William joined them they had lost over 150 men killed and many more wounded. As the weather turned colder towards the end of 1915 many soldiers suffered terribly from the cold and wet, William got frostbitten feet and was sent home. By March 1916 he was adjudged fit to rejoin the war but his unit had by now gone to Mesopotamia so it was to the Western Front and the 2nd Battalion South Lancs that he headed. The 2nd, an old pre-war regular unit, had been out in France since August 1914.
The 2nd South Lancashires were to go into action on the third day of the Battle of the Somme on July 3rd. Twelve men listed on the Royton War Memorial had been killed on that terrible first day, William was to be the next local fatility. William and his comrades arrived behind the British frontline on July 2nd and during the evening the battalion received it's orders for the following day.These involved attacking the heavily fortified Thiepval Spur along with the 11th Cheshires and 8th Borders.
Zero hour on the 3rd was at 06:00 and the men duly went over the top. Three of the battalion's companies were involved with one other held in reserve. They were met with heavy machine gun fire from front and flank and suffered heavy casualties. An hour later Battalion HQ had heard nothing of how the attack had gone but as time went on they had discovered it's failure. Later that morning Colonel Cotton reported to Brigade HQ:

"the attack was led by ā€œDā€ Company on a frontage of two platoons. This Company entered the German trenches in good style but were subsequently held up by machine gun fire. All the officers of the Company are missing. Of the second Company to advance, I can only account for 1 officer, 3 NCOs and about 25 men. They were apparently held up by machine gun fire. Of the third Company, I can only account for 1 officer, 1 sergeant and 30 men. Of the remaining Company, I have 2 officers left"

Shortly after this message the few South Lancs still on the German side of No Man's Land had no option but to retreat back to their own trenches. Over 300 soldiers were dead, wounded or missing.
William Barrow was one of the dead, his body was never recovered. Nowadays atop the Thiepval Spur that the 2nd South Lancs were attacking the Thiepval Memorial can be found. William's name is one of the over 70,000 to be found engraved there.

DIGNEY EDWARD 20 Private 2385 Liverpool                
PYE WILLIAM 28 Private 14194 Liverpool                
LEAR GEORGE 20 Private 19283 Hanley                
CONROY THOMAS Private 19394 Warrington                
KENYON FREDERICK 17 Private 26285 Openshaw                
ALDCROFT WILLIAM Private 17473 Manchester                    
ALLEN THOMAS Private 8660 Nottingham                    
ASHWORTH GEORGE 36 Private 2713 Leigh                
ATTRILL PERCY FRED 32 Serjeant 8329 Southampton                    
BARKER JOHN Private 12935 Reddish                    
BARROW THOMAS Lance Corporal 11709  Ditton                
BENFIELD GEORGE 30 Private 10338 Athlone            
BIRCHALL JAMES Private 585 Warrington                    
BIRD STEPHEN Private 19536 Liverpool                    
BLAIR ALEXANDER MACPHERSON 41 Captain Perthshire                
BRIERS JOHN WILLIAM Serjeant 19385 St Helens                    
BUTLER CORNELIUS 31 Lance Corporal 15662 St.Helens                
CANNON DENNIS Private 10718 Liverpool                
CHANDLER FRANK Private 3018 Manchester                    
CLIFFE LAWRENCE Corporal 19370 St Helens                    
COSGRAVE DANIEL JOSEPH 28 Serjeant 12993    Dublin                
DAVIES JOSEPH 20 Private 10498 Widnes                
DEMPSEY PETER Private 2217  Tuam,Co.Galway                
DEVANEY LAWRENCE Private 18139 Heywood                    
DODD THOMAS MM Private 8190 Wigton                    
FLETCHER ERIC GRAHAM 28 Lieutenant Ulverston                
FOSTER JAMES Private 11210 Liverpool                    
FOSTER WALLWYN 28 Private 19102  St.Helens                
FROST HORACE WILLIAM Private 18123 Leamington                    
GIBBONS WALTER Private 26006 Liverpool                    
GOODS THOMAS Private 3510 Salford                    
GORDON MARK  Private 1039 Wigan                    
GRIEVE ALAN EDWARD Second Lieutenant                        
HARPER JAMES THOMAS  42 Private 2397 Manchester                
HIGHAM JOHN 31 Private 12264 Wigan                
HILL WILLIAM Corporal 10211 Widnes                    
HILL WILLIAM Corporal 11034 Newton Heath                
HINDLEY JOHN HASTINGS Private 3301 Liverpool                    
HOWARTH  JOSEPH Private 18755 Bury                    
HUGHES ROBERT Private 11971 St Helens                
IBISON HENRY 32 Private 19433 Ulverston                
IRVINE ROBERT Private 1258 St Helens                    
JONES JOSEPH Private 3418 Dukinfield                    
KELLY JAMES Corporal 767 St Helens                    
KELLY WILLIAM Private 7199 Cork                    
KIRKHAM RICHARD Private 2929 Liverpool                    
LAMEN JOHN Serjeant  2867 Manchester                    
LEDWITH  JOSEPH Private 17646 St Helens                    
LEWIS ALFRED Private 19635 Liverpool                    
LILLEY DANIEL Private 2740 St Helens                    
LITTLE JOSEPH WILSON Private 1631 Liverpool                    
MASON JOSEPH Private 12447                    
MEADOWS WILLIAM Private 15881 Wigan                    
MELIA JOHN 39 Private 19880  St.Helens                
MOORE BERTRAM Private 2814 Birmingham                    
MOORE THOMAS 21 Private 19020 Liverpool                
MORRISS  JOHN WILLIAM Private 7591 Worcestershire                    
MULDOWNIE CLAUDE THOMPSON 32 Corporal 7690                    
McCATHIE DAVID 41 Private 2977 Leith                    
McCULLOCK GEORGE Private 3389 Leith                    
McDONALD THOMAS Private 11978 Liverpool                    
OLIVER JAMES  Private 16374 Manchester                    
OWENS WILLIAM 27 Private 12746                    
PALMER SIDNEY Private 19132                    
PEACH FRED 22 Private 19219 Harpurhey                
PILKINGTON ALEXANDER Private 2691                    
PULLEN ERNEST JOHN  25 Private  13019 Congleton                
QUINN JOHN CHARLES Private  18944                    
REDSHAW JOHN Private 17481                    
REILLY JOSEPH 29 Private 18294                    
ROGERSON MATTHEW 22 Private  18764 Warrington                
SAINT HORACE Private 19553 Wigan                
SANDERSON FREDERICK  21 Private 10187 Garstang                
SCOTT JOSEPH Private 6420                    
SHAW JAMES 20 Private 11945  Ashton-in-Makerfield                
SIMM JAMES 26 Private 15885 Failsworth                
SULLIVAN FREDERICK JOSEPH 20 Private 17100 Hulme                
SWANN WILLIAM  Private 18947                    
SWITZER  WILLIAM HENRY Serjeant 3446 Manchester                
THOMPSON JOHN JOSEPH 24  Private  10544 St Helens                
THORNHILL SAMUEL 22 Private 3561 Salford                
TIERNAN MICHAEL Private 18548                    
WALKER JOHN WILLIAM Private 9920 London                    
WARREN FRANCIS PURCELL 21 Second Lieutenant Leamington Spa                
WELSH PATRICK Private 1973                    
WHITTALL 25 Private  3376 Beswick,Manchester                
WINDER  JOHN Private 26237                    
WINSTANLEY  WILLIAM GEORGE Private 18521                    
WINWOOD  JOHN ALBERT Lance Corporal 7716                    
WOLFF OSCAR JOHN Serjeant 7712                    
WOODS RICHARD Lance Corporal 3307                    
WOOLIGAN THOMAS Private  10561                    
WRIGHT JOHN Private  1081                    
YEARSLEY HARRY Private 2441  Droylsden                
GATES ALFRED WILLIAM MC,Mentioned in Despatches Second Lieutenant                        
BEVEN THOMAS 19  Second Lieutenant Brighton 

Date of Death:03/07/1916
Service No:2519
Regiment:South Lancashire Regiment
Unit:2nd Bn
Thiepval Memorial
Panel Reference:Pier&Face 7A/7B

William Barrow was born in 1894 in Salford. At some point before his 6th birthday his father died and his mother,Sarah,remarried a Walter Stott who was a fustian cutter from Oldham. The family moved on to live on Oldham Road in Coldhurst before settling on Castleton Road in Royton. Along with his brother James there were also half-siblings Ada,John & Walter. John Stott,10 years younger than William, was also killed in action.

William Barrow's inscription on the Thiepval Memorial

William and his brother John Stott appear on the Thornham St.James' memorial.Photo courtesy of David Winterbottom