William Butterworth's inscription on the Menin Gate

‚ÄčRoyton Roll of Honour

Service No:17450
Date of Death:08/05/1915
Regiment:King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Unit:2nd Bn.
Menin Gate
Panel Reference:Panel 12.

William Butterworth was born in Royton in 1885. He was a younger brother of John Rees Butterworth.
William worked as a piecer at the Rutland Mill in Shaw and by the time of the 1911 census he was boarding at a house on Brunswick Street there. He moved back to Royton after that as his address is given as 208 Oldham Road,Longsight in the Oldham Chronicle.
William originally signed up with the Manchester Regiment but was discharged due to poor eyesight. He then made a decision that would seal his fate, he re-enlisted under an assumed identity, that of James Taylor, and was sent out to serve with the 2nd Battalion KORL. He arrived in France on April 29th 1915 and was one of the 240 fresh troops the battalion received on May 3rd. The 2nd KORL had spent a few days out of the front line prior to that but the evening following William's arrival they marched back into the front line. For the following three days they were under artillery bombardment whilst the Second Battle of Ypres raged on. Then on May 8th, they were to be overwhelmed and annihilated in a massive German attack during the Battle of Frezenberg Ridge. William was killed just five days after arriving with his battalion.
At 05:30 that morning the enemy opened up on the battalion's front line with a massive artillery bombardment that within the space of an hour had pretty much wiped out A and D companies of the 2nd KORL. At 06:30 the German fire shifted to the support trenches manned by B & C companies before attacking with infantry. The Germans got to within a 100 yards of the new KORL front line before being forced to go to ground by the defenders. Then at 10:50 the artillery fire increased again as cover for a fresh assault. At around about that time a shell landed on the Battalion HQ killing the Colonel and seriously injuring the other officers there. It soon became clear that it was impossible to hold the position and orders were received to withdraw to the village of Potijze. During that retreat many of the survivors of B&C companies were mown down or found themselves surrounded and had no choice but to surrender.
At roll call at the end of the day, out of c.1100 men who had started out there were only 67 left. The rest were either dead,wounded or prisoners.
The CWGC has the following men dying alongside William Butterworth that day:

ADAMS THOMAS 22  Private  10138 from Bootle,Liverpool                                                
ANDREWS GEORGE 23 Private 10189 from Gorton,Manchester                                            
ATHERTON WILLIAM 19 Private 11160 from Moston,Manchester                                        
BARRY EDWARD Private 16104 born London,enlisted Manchester                                        
BATHER ARTHUR 19 Private 16943 from Aintree,Liverpool                                            
BAVERSTOCK ALBERT Private 2502 from London                                                        
BAXTER HERMOND Private 16774 born Lancaster,enlisted Oldham                                        
BAYLIS ERNEST 25 Private 3348 from London                                                        
BENTLEY WILLIAM Private 17338 from Ashton-under-Lyne                                            
BLACK WALTER C.S.M 6712 born Lincs,enlisted Ely                                                    
BLADES JAMES Serjeant 5284 born York,enlisted London                                            
BOOTH WILLIAM Corporal 8728 born Glasgow,enlisted Edinburgh                                        
BOULTON  HENRY 27 Private 10124 from Dalton-in-Furness                                            
BOWLES THOMAS 36 Private 4916  from West Gorton,Manchester                                        
BREEN JOHN 20 Private 16822 from Widnes                                                            
BRIDGES FREDERICK Private 4848 from Manchester                                                    
BRIDLE WILLIAM 21 Private 10434 from Didsbury,Manchester                                        
BRIGDEN ARTHUR Private 10296 born Birmingham,enlisted Lancaster                                    
BRINDLE JAMES Private 17367 from Blackburn                                                        
BROADFIELD SAMUEL Private 9990 born Manchester,enlisted Lancaster                                
BROWN FREDERICK 24 Private 8890 from Petersfield                                                
BROWN IRVING Private 16969 born Irlam,enlisted Manchester                                        
BRUCK CHARLES 42  Private 17292 from King's Cross,London                                        
BUCK GEORGE Serjeant 8761 from London                                                            
BUCKLEY JOHN 27 Private 10153 from Leeds                                                        
BURDFIELD PERCY Lance Corporal 15002 born Bath,enlisted London                                    
BURTON FREDERICK 22 Private 11247 from Higher Openshaw,Manchester                                
BUTTERWORTH CHRISTOPHER 23 Lance Serjeant 1361 from Lancaster                                    
CADDICK  JAMES 33  Private 17419                                                                    
CAMPBELL JAMES Private  9323 born Co.Durham,enlisted Swansea                                    
CAP ALBERT Private 10023 born Kandy,Ceylon.Enlisted Lucknow,India                                
CARROLL JOHN Private 8757 from Manchester                                                        
CARROLL WILLIAM  20 Private 2393  from Stockport                                                    
CARTWRIGHT ALBERT Private 11045 born Stoke-on-Trent,enlisted Ashton-under-Lyne                    
CARTWRIGHT WILLIAM Lance Corporal 1105 from Salford                                                
CASSIDY  JAMES Private 16224 born Salford,enlisted Pendleton                                        
CATON TIMOTHY Private 4067 born Darwen,enlisted Chester                                            
CHAPMAN  JAMES 29 Private 9999 from Manchester                                                    
CLARKE JOHN 37 Private 5905 from Liverpool                                                        
CLARKSON ALFRED Serjeant 5419 born Oldham,enlisted Manchester                                    
CLEARY HUGH 21 Private 16855 from Liverpool                                                        
COALBY HARRY 26 Private 12692 from Ramsbottom                                                    
COBURN JOSEPH Private 10248 from Manchester                                                        
CONNELL  FRANK 28 Private 16718 from Manchester                                                    
CONNOR ANDREW 23 Private 17625 from Liverpool                                                    
CONSIDINE JOHN 19 Private 2337 from Preston                                                        
COPPS WILLIAM  Private 9686 from Blackburn                                                        
CORFIELD RICHARD 30 Private 16386 from Keswick,brother of William (below)                        
CORFIELD WILLIAM 22 Private 17247 from Keswick,brother of Richard (above)                        
CORRIN RICHARD Private 16651 from Isle of Man                                                    
COSGROVE JOHN 19 Private 12484 from Blackburn                                                    
COTTAM SAMUEL 32 Lance Corporal  6289 from Bolton                                                
COUSINS WILLIAM  Private 17272 from Manchester                                                    
COWDREY  GEORGE 24 Private 9269 from Sutton,Surrey                                                
CRAGG FRED Private 13390 from Blackpool                                                            
CRONSHAW JAMES 34 Private 12824  born Blackburn,enlisted Blackpool                                
CROOK EDWARD Lance Corporal 1949 born Preston,enlisted Lancaster                                
CROUCHER JOHN 33 Private 15774 from Guernsey                                                    
CUNLIFFE ARTHUR 24 Private 16760 enlisted Blackburn                                            
CURRAN JAMES Private 2837 from Manchester                                                        
CURTIS HERBERT 21 Private  1731 from Barrow-in-Furness                                            
CUSICK JOSEPH 27 Private  9221 (SERVED AS OBRIEN)born Macclesfield,lived Stockport                
DAGGERS  JOHN 27 Private  17314  from Great Harwood                                                
DANCE CHARLES 49  Private 12483 (SERVED AS DAVIS)from Manchester                                
DAVIES GEORGE 21  Private 10547 from Manchester                                                    
DAWSON JOHN  Private 9181 from Isle of Man                                                        
DELANEY  JOSEPH  Private 2365 born St Annes,enlisted Lancaster                                    
DERBYSHIRE GEORGE 33 Private 16000 from Manchester                                                
DEVLIN MATTHEW  Private  16076 from Blackburn                                                    
DEWHIRST ROBERT Private  16897 from Bradford                                                        
DICKIN ARTHUR 49 Private 4047 from Ashton under Lyne.Served in Boer War                            
DIDSBURY GEORGE Private 16711 born Frodsham,enlisted Manchester                                
DINSDALE HENRY Private 9325 from Manchester                                                        
DONEGAN  THOMAS Private 16823 born Widnes,enlisted Warrington                                    
DRIVER LEONARD 25 Private 9300 from Hadleigh,Suffolk                                            
DUCKWORTH WILLIAM Private 15728  from Wigan                                                        
DUTTON HENRY  Private 18153 born Ormskirk,enlisted Darwen                                        
DWYER FRANCIS 25  Private 9685 born Jersey,enlisted Guernsey                                    
EDGE CHARLES Private 9950 born Cannock,enlisted London                                            
EDMONDSON SYDNEY  33 Private 11368 from Manchester,lived Sheffield                                
EDWARDS  JOHN 38  Private  16663 born Walkden,enlisted Lancaster                                    
EDWARDS WILLIAM Private  7790 born Manchester,enlisted Lancaster                                    
ELEY SAMUEL 23 Lance Corporal 9997 from Brentwood,Essex                                            
ENGHAM REGINALD Private  8859 born Salford,enlisted Lancaster                                    
EVANS HAROLD 19  Lance Corporal 2391 from Furness                                                
FAULKNER JAMES 38 Private 13030  from Denton                                                        
FAWCETT   ARTHUR Private 11232 born Salford                                                        
FEAST WILLIAM Private 2146 from London                                                            
FINDLAY  DOUGLAS  29 Private 1371  from Barrow-in-Furness                                        
FINNEY THOMAS 33 Corporal 6709  from Colchester                                                    
FINNIS JOSEPH 19 Private 3793  from Bermondsey                                                    
FLITCROFT WILLIAM  Private 3024 from Manchester                                                    
FLYNN DENIS Private 3753 born Liverpool,enlisted Manchester                                        
FORD JOHN Private 7821 from Oldham                                                                
FORD JAMES 22 Private 10000 from Manchester                                                        
FORWOOD  THOMAS 28 Captain lived in Jersey.Old Harrovian.                                        
FRIAR WILLIAM Private 3344 from London                                                            
FROGGATT EDWIN Private 9824 born Salford                                                        
GARDNER  RICHARD LOWTHER  34 Private 2691 from Lancaster                                            
GARNETT  ABRAHAM  Private  17469 from Haslingden                                                    
GARRATT  JOSEPH 35 Private 2835 from Manchester                                                    
GARRITY   JOHN Lance Corporal 9109 born Widnes,enlisted Manchester                                
GATES ROBERT 24 Private  2465 from London                                                        
GENTY ERNEST 26  Corporal 9427  born Ashton under Lyne,enlisted Manchester                        
GIBSON ABEL Private 13841 born Whitworth,enlisted Clitheroe                                        
GIBSON JAMES 25  Serjeant 9681  from Northampton                                                    
GILLIGAN WILLIAM 21 Private 16797 from Manchester                                                
GILROY GEORGE Private 3738 from London                                                            
GLADWIN   WILLIAM  Private 1312 from Manchester                                                    
GORMAN JAMES Private 8554 born Lancaster,enlisted Preston                                        
GOUGH THOMAS 19 Private  2034 born Bristol,enlisted Barrow-in-Furness                            
GRADY JOHN 27 Lance Corporal 299 from Stockport                                                    
GRAVELY  CHARLES  31 Private 7587  from Crawley                                                    
GREEN JOHN Private 8585 from Dublin                                                                
GRIFFITHS JOHN 24 Private 11858  from Bolton                                                        
GRUNDY  WILLIAM 18 Private 16920  from Miles Platting,Manchester                                
GWILLIAM  JOHN 32 Private  7902 from Heywood                                                    
HAMER WALTER 33  Private 16114 from Bury                                                            
HAMPTON  WILLIAM 21 Private 10337 from Southport                                                    
HANNAH LAURENCE Private  11673 born Barrow-in-Furness,enlisted Morecambe                            
HARNEY JAMES Lance Corporal 3758 from Manchester                                                
HARRIS GEORGE 25 Private 9480  from Gorton,Manchester                                            
HARVEY  ARTHUR  25 Private 14231  from Manchester                                                
HAWKINS GEORGE 30 Serjeant 9085  from Farnham,Surrey                                                
HAZEL THOMAS Private 9995 from Manchester                                                        
HEATH JAMES Lance Corporal 5748 born Manchester,enlisted Lancaster                                
HENEY FRANK 24 Private 10083 from Bolton                                                        
HIGGINBOTHAM GEORGE 37 Private 17117 from Leigh                                                    
HIRD JOHN 30 Private 10094 from Furness                                                            
HOARTY JOHN 22 Private 10346 from Warrington                                                    
HODGON ROBERT 20  Private 10429  from Blackburn                                                    
HOLGATE  HERBERT Private  9361 from Burnley                                                        
HOLLINRAKE HENRY Private 11037 from Oldham                                                        
HOLMES ROBERT Serjeant 9155 born Kirby Lonsdale,enlisted Lancaster                                
HOWARD JOHN 45 Lance Corporal 14166 from Stalybridge                                            
HOWLAND  WILLIAM  29 Lance Corporal 10367  from Isle of Man                                        
HUGHES SAMUEL 25 Lance Corporal 10096 from Barrow-in-Furness                                    
HUTCHINSON GEORGE 38  Private 17463 from Openshaw,Manchester                                    
JAMES ROBERT 30 Private  9456 born Birkenhead,enlisted Manchester                                
JENKINSON JOSEPH Private 16605 born Altrincham,enlisted Manchester                                
JOHNSON  ROBERT 17 Private 16960 from Westhoughton                                                
JONES ALBERT Private 17196 from Manchester                                                        
JONES ARTHUR  Private 10499 from Manchester                                                        
JONES ARTHUR F 22 Private 10907  from Wolverhampton                                                
JONES CHARLES BEAUMONT Private 17351 born Oldham,enlisted Royton                                
JONES EVAN 30 Private 10158 from Beswick,Manchester                                                
JONES GEORGE Lance Corporal 10172 from Surrey                                                    
JOSLIN ALFRED 22 Private 10349 from Deptford                                                    
JUBB ROBERT Private 9716 from Sheffield                                                            
KANE WILLIAM Private 15313 from Liverpool                                                        
KAY JOHN 19 Private 16768 from Milnrow                                                            
KEARNS HENRY Private 11533 from Liverpool                                                        
KEENAN WILLIAM Private 2290 born Manchester,enlisted Liverpool                                    
KEMP GEORGE CSM 5081 born Bradford                                                                
KENYON JAMES Private 17460 from Liverpool                                                        
KIPLING WILFRED 26 Private 17457 from Barrow-in-Furness                                            
KNOWLES DANIEL  Private  17019                                                                    
LAST FREDERICK Private 10713 born Ipswich,enlisted Manchster                                    
LEACK NORMAN  Private 3564 born Skerton,Lancs.Enlisted Manchester                                
LEAK THOMAS Private 12520 from Furness                                                            
LEAVERS  ALFRED Private 4923 born Cornwall,enlisted Manchester                                    
LEE ALAN 18 Lance Corporal 11057 born Bognor,enlisted Woking                                    
LEEK WILLIAM Private 9169 born Manchester,enlisted Blackburn                                    
LEGERTON THOMAS Drummer 9813 from Stockport.Also served in India                                
LEIGH CHARLES Private 9261 from Manchester                                                        
LELLIOTT BASIL 27 Lance Corporal 10133 born Chichester,enlisted Portsmouth                      
LEWIS GEORGE Private 14963 born Oban,enlisted Manchester                                       
LITTLER  JOSEPH Private 4917 from Manchester                                                     
LLOYD TIMOTHY 28 Private 9859 from Bermondsey                                                    
LOGHAN JOHN 28 Private 9944(served as Dunn)born Salford                                            
LONGDEN    ALFRED Lance Corporal 11210 from Manchester                                                
LONGWORTH GEORGE Private 13789 from Blackpool                                                    
LOWE LAWRENCE Private 9905 from Barrow-in-Furness                                                
LYNN THOMAS Private 1810 born Newcastle-on-Tyne,enlisted Lancaster                                
LYONS MARTIN  Private 2862 from Manchester                                                        
MAHONEY  JOHN Lance Corporal 10873                                                                
MANIFOLD WILLIAM  Private 10322 from Manchester                                                    
MANN WALTER Private 16113 born Cleckheaton                                                        
MARSDEN  SAMUEL Private 12461(served as Riley)born Glossop.enlisted Barrow                        
MARTIN ALBERT Private 3546 from London                                                            
MARTIN ALEXANDER Lance Corporal    10016 born Manchester                                            
MAXWELL THOMAS 28 Private 13387 from Blackpool                                                    
MEYER JOHN Private 10377 from Clayton,Manchester.Father was German                                
MILLS RICHARD 25 Lance Corporal  8520 from York                                                    
MOONEY JOHN Private 4512 born Nottingham,enlisted Manchester                                    
MULLIGAN DAVID Private 11281 from Manchester                                                    
MURPHY GEORGE 44 Private 4178 from Barrow-in-Furness                                            
MURPHY JOHN Private 17507 from Manchester                                                        
MURPHY JOSEPH Private 12189 born Salford                                                        
MURPHY JOSEPH Private 3347 from Liverpool                                                        
McDONNELL JOHN 21 Private 2591                                                                    
McEVOY JOSEPH 28 Private 8115 born Liverpool,enlisted Manchester                                
McKEOWEN GEORGE  24 Private 9235 from Preston                                                    
McLEISH    JOHN 38 Private  2741  from Manchester                                                    
McLOUGHLIN JOHN  Private  3352 from Manchester                                                    
NANSON THOMAS 27 Private 10243  from Cumberland                                                    
NAYLOR JAMES 32  Private 7486 from Wigan                                                            
NICHOL ALBERT 28 Serjeant 6657 from Surrey                                                        
NICHOLAS THOMAS  Private 12131 born Widnes,enlisted Manchester                                    
NICHOLSON JOHN  Private 4393 born Manchester                                                    
NOBLE BASIL Lance Serjeant 9170 from Preston                                                    
NORMINGTON JONAS Private 16633                                                                    
NUTTER WALTER 30 Private 8004 born Burnley                                                        
O'MARA EDWARD Private 11094 from Manchester                                                        
OAKES JAMES 21 Private 16923 from Salford                                                        
ODDY HERBERT 21 Lance Corporal 10695 from Leeds                                                    
OXLEY ALFRED  Private 17298 born Bowdon                                                        
PARK JOHN 27 Private 16730 from Preston                                                        
PAYNE RICHARD 21 Private 2528 from Birmingham                                                    
PETERS HENRY Private 3054 born London,enlisted Manchester                                        
PHELPS CHARLES 17 Private 2588  born Fulham,enlisted Manchester.Brother of Thomas(below)        
PHELPS THOMAS 19 Lance Corporal   2594 born Fulham,enlisted Manchester.Brother of Charles(above)    
PICKBURN JAMES Private 16696 from Liverpool                                                        
PIPER SAM 32  Private 4199 from Bury.Served with 3rd Bn in Boer War                            
PITTS JOHN Private 10607 from Manchester                                                        
PLATT REGINALD 36 Private 3946 from Manchester                                                    
PORTER RICHARD Private 10535 born St.Helens,enlisted Nelson                                        
POTTER MARTEN Serjeant 9426 from London                                                            
POTTS JOHN 31 Private 16770 from Shaw                                                            
PRESTON    WILLIAM    Private    7769 born Brierfield,Lans                                                
PRINCE HENRY Private 3653 from London                                                            
PURKISS    SIDNEY Lance Corporal 16727 from London                                                    
QUINN BERNARD Private 2871 born Middlesbrough,enlisted Barrow-in-Furness                        
QUINN HARRY 30    Private    16992 from Manchester                                                    
RAND ARTHUR 27    Private    9846  from Woolwich,brother of Charles(below)                            
RAND CHARLES Private 10266 from Woolwich,brother of Arthur(above)                                
REDFERN    HERBERT    27 Lance Corporal 11036    from Manchester                                            
REYNOLDS JOHN 23 Private 10270    from London                                                        
REYNOLDS WILLIAM  20 Private 17269 born Derbyshire,enlisted Manchester                            
RICE FREDERICK    Private    10205 enlisted London                                                    
RICHARDS  EDWARD Lance Corporal    10619 from Isle of Man                                            
RICHARDSON ARTHUR Private 10420    from Manchester                                                    
RICHARDSON JOSEPH 27 Private 3647 from Bethnal Green                                            
RILEY JOHN 20 Private 16961 from Westhoughton                                                    
ROBERTS    WILLIAM    Private    1890 from Manchester                                                    
ROBINS JOSEPH 26 Private 10034 from Northampton                                                    
ROBINSON JOHN 23 Private 16982 from Horwich                                                        
RODEN WILLIAM Private 10745 from Manchester                                                        
RUDD JOHN Lance Corporal 17477 born Salford,enlisted Fleetwood                                    
RUTH ARTHUR 21 Private 16737 from Manchester                                                    
RYAN THOMAS Private 17811 born Limerick,enlisted Liverpool                                        
RYAN THOMAS Private 2757 born Limerick,enlisted Lancaster.Cousin of above?                        
SALTHOUSE THOMAS Private 11359 from Lancaster                                                    
SANDERS CUTHBERT Private 17106 from Furness                                                        
SAUNDERS STANLEY 23 Corporal 9507 from London                                                    
SCHOFIELD CHARLES Private 16963 from Pontefract,enlisted Manchester                                
SCOTT GEORGE 22 Private 16708 from Moorside,Oldham                                                
SCUDAMORE GEORGE 25 Second Lieutenant from London.Son of late Sergeant Major of 2nd KORL        
SHAKESPEARE ALFRED Private 2692 from London                                                        
SHAW JOHN 27 Private 8152 from Barrow-in-Furness                                                
SHELLARD JOHN 28 Corporal 9154 from Northampton                                                    
SHERMAN  ROBERT Private 9544 from Ipswich                                                        
SHIELDS ARTHUR Private 12566 born Newcastle,enlisted Blackpool                                    
SIMPSON WILLIAM 28 Private 7926 from Lancaster                                                    
SKERRITT HERBERT Private 17273 from Manchester                                                    
SMITH FREDERICK Private 9672 born Colchester                                                    
SMITH HARRY Private 9390 born Failsworth,enlisted Manchester                                    
SMITH JABEZ 29 Private 17253 from Doncaster                                                        
SMITH JAMES 27 Private 17190 from Chorley                                                        
SMITH JOHN Private 17596 from Manchester                                                        
SMITH WILLIAM Private 9764 from London                                                            
SOUTHART WILLIAM Lance Corporal 2638 from London                                                
SPEIGHT  TOM 22 Private 10771 from Barrow-in-Furness                                                
STABLES  HERBERT  25 Private 16754 from Chorley                                                    
STAVELEY WILLIAM 26 Private 10549  born Edinburgh,enlisted Lancaster                            
STEELE RICHARD Private 17310  from Manchester                                                    
STEWART ARTHUR 31 Private 6099  from Ulverston                                                    
STEWART WALTER 29 Private 3825 from London                                                        
SUMMERS  WILLIAM 21 Private 16680 from Liverpool                                                    
SWALES JOSEPH 26 Private 1527 from Millom                                                        
SWAN  ALBERT 18  Private  14978 from Kirkham                  
SYKES FRED Private 16773 from Milnrow                                                            
TAYLOR JOHN 24 Private 10300 from Oldham                                                        
TAYLOR JOHN Private 16648 born Barnsley,enlisted Manchester                                        
THORNHILL BENJAMIN 25 Private 10198 from London.Served in India                                    
THORPE GEORGE Private 1694 born Workington,enlisted Manchester                                    
THORPE WALTER 25 Lance Corporal    9561 from Needham Market,Suffolk                                
TIPPING JOHN 39 Private 4411 from Liverpool.served in the Boer War                                
TOMLINSON GEORGE  Private 11161 from Manchester                                                    
TOWERS GEORGE Private 10146 from Liverpool                                                        
TRACEY EDWARD 21 Private 16764 from Liverpool                                                    
TREAVISH FRANK Private 11172 born Lambeth,enlisted Lancaster                                    
TURNER WILLIAM 18 Private 17009 from Chorley                                                    
TWADDLE  WILLIAM  37 Private 2719 from Co.Antrim                                                    
VERNON JAMES 24  Lance Corporal 9875 from Stockport                                                
VINEY FRANCIS 26 Private 10036 from Northampton                                                    
WALDEN ROBERT 21 Private 3454 from London                                                        
WALSH THOMAS 19  Private  16803 from Salford                                                        
WARNOCK  JAMES Private 10216 from Manchester                                                        
WATERS RICHARD Private 17322                                                                    
WELCH PETER Private 9833 born Stockport,enlisted Hyde                                            
WEST FRANK Private 7994 born Ashton-under-Lyne,enlisted Hyde                                    
WESTWELL WILKINSON 19 Private 17014 from Accrington                                                
WHALAN JOHN Private 2739 from Manchester                                                        
WHITE ARTHUR Private 10325 born Bolton                                                            
WHITE JOHN 23 Private 10231 born Millom                                                            
WHITEHORN HENRY  Private  4882 born Berkshire,enlisted Horwich                                    
WHITTAKER HENRY 34 Private 7895 from Gorton,Manchester                                            
WILCOCK  JOHN  Private 17468 from Haslingden                                                        
WILCOCK  RICHARD  37 Private 16956 from Preston                                                    
WILCOCK  WILLIAM  Private 7806  from Manchester                                                    
WILDMAN  GILBERT  20 Private 11236 from Burnley                                                    
WILLIAMS WILLIAM  Private 3694 born Salford                                                        
WILSHIRE WILLIAM Private 9147 from Wiltshire,lived Tipperary                                    
WILSON JOHN 29 Private 2703 from West Hartlepool                                                
WILSON SAMUEL 19 Private 17114 from St Helens                                                    
WINDRIDGE ALBERT 23 Private 10889 from Manchester                                                
WOLFENDALE JAMES 28 Private 3307 from Manchester                                                
WRIGHT HARRY Private 8764 born Salford                                                            
WRIGHT HENRY Private 3457 from London                                                            
WRIGHT JOHN 25 Private 9557 from Manchester                                                        
WRIGHT THOMAS Private 17095 born Belfast,enlisted Manchester                                    
WRIGHT WILLIAM 22 Private 17090  from Manchester                                                    
YATES THOMAS Private 16976 born Salmesbury,Lancs.Enlisted Burnley                                
YATES WILLIAM Private 9973 born Oldham,enlisted Lancaster